Is This The Most Successful Pickup Line In The World?

June 30, 2015


  • The Most Successful Pickup Line Revealed
  • How To Make (Almost) Any Line Work
  • Make It Don’t Fake It

The Most Successful Pickup Line Revealed

The most successful pickup line in the world is probably ”Hi! I’m….” and the variations of it such as  ”Hello! My name is…”, ”Hola!” or ”Ni hao!”. Some of these you might already be familiar with and you have probably used these at some point of your life. If you haven’t had success with these lines, I’m about to tell you the reason why.

How To Make (Almost) Any Line Work

Every time you feel there is a problem or you do not know what to do, think to yourself that she really wants to bang your brains out. A friend of mine, FM, went to do a mind control course in America a few years ago. They taught him that if you want someone to do something or feel a certain way then you need to genuinely believe that they will do it.

You can try to imagine the thoughts transmitting from your head into their body, into their mind as if you are telepathically communicating with them. FM was telling me that on more than one occasion when he was working as a cab driver he would try this technique to get $60 for a $20 fair. He said it worked a good proportion of the time to either get the exact amount he wanted or a more than generous tip.

Although I have not tried this in the business world, in the world of dating believing that everyone wants you (and even imagining these thoughts shooting out of you and hitting everyone around making them feel that way about you) does have its benefits.

Unfortunately I am too cynical to believe in telepathy; however I do believe that thinking these thoughts does make you feel more comfortable and attractive in yourself, which is made even easier when you feel everyone else agrees.

Make It Don’t Fake It

What it comes down to is this: there is only so much body language you can feign, only so many pickup lines to break the ice or words you can memorize in their correct sequence to sound alpha and only a limited amount of time you can spend keeping your voice sounding strong and unwavering. And even then, despite all these things being essential to a good seduction, women’s instincts still are wary that these things are not the most accurate indicators of a man’s talents as they can be emulated.

When you have a confident mindset, parts of your body communicate things so subtle that only her unconscious can pick them up. This may be something like you blinking slightly slower than you usually would when you are nervous, or when you are gesticulating your hand is raised an inch loser towards her because you are confident enough to penetrate her own personal space where as before you would have hesitated a bit.

These things cannot be faked. We are so unaware of them that trying to think of all these things at once would do your head in. Do not try to learn all the tactics from this website  and use them the first time you go out. Go out and work out what your issues are from opening to closing the deal, then come back to our site and pick the theory that is right for you. Just remember if something is already working, you do not need to change it.

This is how some men can get away with pickup lines that have not worked for you or jokes that you feel you cannot pull off. This is why “naturals” can just “say anything to a girl” and have it work. They do not know how they do it, they just do it. This is why when you ask a natural how you can improve they will usually tell you not to give a shit and to “just be yourself”.

Before you can be yourself you need to fix parts of your personality and how you communicate them. Thinking you are the one they need to chase and having a knowingness that everyone is attracted to you will communicate these things through non-verbal subtleties and will keep your mind on track. Learn how to do it from my Online Dating Course for Men.

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