Handshake Flirting – A Powerful Technique for Creating Attraction With Women

October 16, 2015


  • A Handy Trick To Demonstrate Playfulness
  • How To Use The Handshake
  • Repetition Is The Key To Success

    A Handy Trick To Demonstrate Playfulness

    A customized handshake can build amazing comfort with your lady and speed up seductions. This comprises you inventing a special handshake with the woman and using it every time you see her (especially in front of her friends) and particularly in front of her boyfriend or other males. It is a perfect tool for covertly diffusing a boyfriend. You demonstrate a playfulness most long-term relationships lack and will make her man jealous, which is definitely an unattractive quality in anyone’s eyes.

    How To Use The Handshake

    One example was a cute law student living with her French boyfriend of five years who compensated for his insecurities by being hostile. I took the handshake from top-gun (the windmill: where you give a high-five and then swing it down for a low five in one circular motion) and coupled it with a ridiculous leg shake (where you both lift your right leg, grab each other’s ankle and shake it).

    In this situation the guy (Greg) called the shake “gay” and then attempted to do it to me and his now ex-girlfriend at the same time. Half way through doing the special shake with him I stopped, looked at him and playfully said, “Nah I guess it’s just not in you mate.” The aim is to make him awkward or alienated and should be used when another guy is giving you a hard time.

    He will either:

    1)Validate himself and ask to try again, in which you will say “another time chief.”


    2) Call it gay or stupid, in which you can say to the woman, “Is he always this uptight over a handshake? If I mention genocide will he have five consecutive heart attacks? Is he that sensitive?

    Either way you win, and if he plays it cool he will still demonstrate lower values as he is failing to be the superior male and mark his territory.

    When done with a girl you do not really know, as in this situation, it is more powerful than a private joke as it is a public demonstration of rapport that cannot be shared. To do something that silly in front of other girls and guys, is an attractive quality as it shows you have the confidence to pull these antics off.

    Repetition Is The Key To Success

    This technique is like shampoo: apply and repeat…always REPEAT. Be reminded that this tactic is designed for situations where you will see each other regularly e.g. university / work / friend’s houses.

    The end result is this: the boyfriend will get uptight or jealous and appear weak. Conveniently it just so happens that you are there: the smooth calm laid back option for her to fall back on. If, whilst you are on a date you feel she is having relationship issues with her boyfriend at the time or she happens to tell you about him try to emulate all the positive qualities that counter his negative ones that she is telling you.

    You can also take her out on an unusual date(remember counterintuitiveness) and create your own kind of fantasy land. I took this girl to the zoo in the middle of the working day and proceeded to do care-free things (totally opposite to her boyfriend’s uptight mentality). To learn more techniques go check out my Online Dating Course for Men. There you can find my SECRET lessons that contain videos and exercises and are guaranteed to improve your seduction skills.

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