Using Persuasion Techniques On Women

June 2, 2015


  • 1 Simple Concept To Help You With The Ladies – Frames
  • Revealing Example Of Using Frames
  • How To Use Sexual Frames


1 Simple Concept To Help You With The Ladies – Psychological Framing

If you tell a person they act a certain way or have a particular quality, most of the time they will feel obligated to live up to that expectation. This is the same reasoning behind why psychologists always advise parents never to call their children stupid but rather say the act they did was stupid. You don’t want to psychologically frame them as stupid as that would encourage them to act stupid later on.

A lot of people are childish in the sense that they do not have a strong sense of character and can be told what to be and how to act. Unfortunately this is used all too often to make people feel bad, however you should always try to leave your lady better than you found her.

Revealing Example Of Using Frames

Accusing them of trying to pick you up is both playful and can help convince them that they really do like you, even if they did not realize it before. After you nudge them, smile and go “Can you stop flirting with me? No really, to get into my pants you need a nice dinner, a puppy dog and a priceless Egyptian relic”.

Try to merge playfulness with your statements of interest. You will have less chance of making the situation awkward and it also acts as a push / pull mechanism; the pull being the statement of interest and the push being the humor and acting as if it is not a big deal.

How To Use Sexual Frames

You can choose to label your female with a certain characteristic that goes hand in hand with sex. For example you could say to your woman “You are so adventurous” or “I can tell you are the adventurous type, taking risks scares you a little but something in your head likes it”. This can make her more susceptible to doing adventurous things like kissing you, going home with you or playing Monopoly.

In Cialdini’s book Influence he gives examples of how experiments that are based on people’s compliance were approximately twice as successful when the test-subject was framed as a particular type of person. In this instance the goal was to get people to put up a billboard for the environment in their front yards. There was an exponentially higher rate of compliance in those people who, earlier in the week, were asked by the scientists to sign a petition for the environment.

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