Need Some Private Time With Her? How to Get Her 1 on 1 After Meeting Her In Public

October 14, 2016


  • Why You Should Isolate
  • Sweeping Her Off Her Feet
  • Isolating Methods
  • Why You Should Isolate

    Isolating your girl away from the group is essential to creating comfort and having a more personal interaction with her. This is not essential for getting a kiss but it is usually the natural progression after opening and attraction gambits. Kissing her in front of people she knows, or even strangers depending on how insecure she is, will make your life harder.

    Girls never want to feel cheap or “slutty” and even when their friends are supportive of you two getting more intimate she may still feel the need to demonstrate to everyone else that she is better than you (or any other guy for that matter) and will do away with you.

    Sweep Her Off Her Feet

    If you do not isolate, not just when you should but more importantly as soon as you can, you can end up missing your opportunity and coming across as weak through not having the confidence to make a move. The alpha male takes what he wants, when he wants and has no doubt in his mind as to whether he will be accepted or not. Quite often if you are decisive about isolating you can do it 100% effectively even if she has not even considered you as a suitor yet.

    This often can have its benefits as telegraphing your interest / intentions will see her mind snowball all the negative thoughts and reasons not to be with you. This is called sweeping her off her feet, you being one step ahead of her, and it is a highly attractive quality. It shows you are a man and you are making the decisions. If you want the relationship to get physical this is a must and we have developed a few ways you can make this transition easy.

    Isolating Methods

    Telling the friends that you have “kind of been ignoring your creepy friend here, I want to have a chat with her, is that cool with you?” If her friends or other authority figures around agree it then makes her more likely to submit and socially conform.

    Take her hand as you say “come, I want to: get some air/ a drink / sit down / dance”. DO NOT wait for her response. Take her hand, start pulling and already have your body language facing / walking away from her. This will not give her the chance to say no. Physically it feels as if she’s already agreed. It is a sign of confidence to assume she will do what you want when you want. The alpha male never asks, he tells people how it is going to be.

    Tell her that you have a cool story or you want to show her something, but it needs to be done in a quiet are. Or if you have mates around say “I want you to meet this one mate, you’ll love him he’s really hot and an amazing guitarist / magician / gynecologist / etc.” Take her to meet this other person for about 5 minutes, then isolate. Or isolate with the mate and get the mate to leave after 3 minutes.

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