Stop "Saying I have a Boyfriend" – Live Radio Interview on Rejections

March 10, 2016

Stop Saying “I Have A Boyfriend”

Hi guys,

Here’s a recent interview of on ABC Radio bumping heads  with some girls regarding, ‘how they reject us guys.’ Listen to me standing up for the male gender against a variety of idiots making mountains out of non-existent feminist molehills. Somehow when they reject us it appears that they STILL manage to make themselves victims. Never fear fellow readers, they get it good from your man T.

Listen to Alecia who argues that saying, “I Have A Boyfriend” removes the agency of a woman, and takes away her ability to speak for herself and make her own decisions about whether or not she accepts advances. It doesn’t give women the power to control how they reject a man. Alecia says women should be as straight forward about their feelings as possible when they’re hit on.

Listen to me ripping these girls a new one (verbally) here:

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