Turn the Tables: How To Make Women Chase YOU

June 16, 2015


  • What Are Mixed Messages And Why Should I Care?
  • 3 Revealing Examples Of Mixed Messages
  • Good Frustration And Bad Frustration


What Are Mixed Messages And Why Should I Care?

Being vague and restricting the amount of information you give your women is commonly called “mixed messages”. Women (particularly attractive ones) expect men to give them what they want when they want it. It is a power thing: they use their looks as weapons for the simple reason that it works like a charm. Even when they are not shit-testing you, you can playfully communicate that you are not at their beck and call. You are exclusive and playful.

If a woman asks the average man a question he will always give an instant and direct answer because not only does it not make sense to us to play games we genuinely cannot be bothered having to think about everything so much.

Realize that whether they know it or not a simple day-to-day question can be used as an avenue to be playful and differentiate yourself.

There is no need to be hostile when you respond, instead give them a non-answer to what they are asking you.


3 Revealing Examples Of Mixed Messages

Her: where will you be tomorrow night?

Your: I’ll be where I’m at *cheeky smile and walk away*


Her: how old are you?

You: 109, I just moisturize regularly to look this young.


Her: what time is it?

You: 73 past 4

More often than not these answers are nonsensical. They are non-answers, you are saying something in a playful way, which is an answer but does not answer their question. This usually works best during small talk. If you feel there is a real purpose behind the question other than common knowledge then of course answer it. If you are talking about making arrangements for tomorrow night and she asks you when you are free then tell her.

If you met her five minutes ago and she is asking you where you live you know it is small talk, you realize that any answer you give will still continue on to another boring question. Be counterintuitive. Say you live somewhere impossible: Mars, a Vietnamese war bunker, a KFC chicken bucket, anywhere but Point Piper, Rose Bay, Long Island. You think you are the only person to ever live in these places (even if they are nice suburbs?) These do not make you special. How many people have told her they live in the muffler of an ’86 Datsun?


Good Frustration And Bad Frustration

This is annoying. This will produce frustration. This is good frustration. Bad frustration happens when they ask you a question where they genuinely need an answer. “How old are you?” or “Where will you be tomorrow night?” will not have huge repercussions if they do not know. Do this with a smile, do not be hostile and just be playful. Push them away, be sarcastic but not aggressive or rude.

When a man is attracted to a woman and that woman asks him a question his mind logically thinks that if he complies, if he answers her and gives her what she wants then she will like him better. He is also too scared to push the boundaries. Finally she is showing some interest, and in his mind he wants to promote that.

His answer is boring and hey, all of a sudden she has lost interest and won’t ask again. Was how he rationalized the situation unreasonable by answering what she asked to know? No. Did he answer the same way every other man answers and therefore place himself in sexual purgatory? Yes.

They will be made aware that you are not the type of guy who just falls into place and can be molded into what they want. The thing is, if you are too compliant they will no longer respect you. The initial qualities you had when you met her were the ones that grew attraction. Once you have been changed into what she thinks is her “perfect man” you may come off as weak.

All the qualities women say they look for in men sound reasonable yet they still keep dating assholes. I am not saying be an asshole, I am saying be playful. An asshole thinks he is better than everyone whereas a playful alpha man likes to have fun with people. The point is, women say they want one thing and then go for the other. Do you want to make yourself the guy she wants but never gets or the guy she gets?

Mixed message and non-compliant answers are one way to communicate a variety of positives about yourself whilst still telling her the chase is on. To keep the chase going check out my secret lessons(including restricted videos) from Online Dating Course for Men.

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