Reducing Your Anxiety with Women – Some Easy Techniques

March 12, 2014


  • Get Adaptive: Stay in Control
  • Start Small and Build Yourself Up

Get Adaptive: Stay in Control

The more you expose yourself to situations that make you anxious or awkward the more you will become complacent with your fears. In your first few weeks as a student of social interactions, you will see that you will develop in the same way a stockbroker does on his first day in the stock exchange.

I’ll use my friend Steve the stockbroker as an example. Everything was happening so quickly. He had a very faint idea as to what is going on around him and by the time he realized what happened five minutes ago twenty new events have occurred. He could not afford to freeze or freak out; sure he was nervous, but if he leaves the floor or cracks under pressure he will lose millions of dollars. He recognized that he was anxious, but knew that he had to manage his fear, and learn how to build confidence, in order to get the results he needed. After a few weeks in this high-pressure environment he was more familiar as to what the standard procedures were and even though it was highly stressful he powered through the day regardless, and soon stress changed into excitement.

Start Small and Build Yourself Up

The only times you will improve is by gradually pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. If you walk into a bar for the first time and are too scared to initiate a conversation (referred to as ‘opening’) with an attractive stranger then try an easier task. Open someone you are not attracted to and are less nervous around. It keeps you in control and prevents women empowerment. The aim is to keep breaking down your growth and learning into manageable bits(you might also want to read our other article on how to build up your self-confidence).

Building a better self esteem does not happen over night. Once you feel that you are bored or competent with talking to women you are mildly attracted to then take it up a notch and approach groups of those types of women with men around them. In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie “Pumping Iron” he talks about how his goal for the day is to bench press a weight 30 times consecutively. When he hits number 30, his arms feel like jelly and his body feels like it is going to explode but he will try for another one or two lifts. He shows that it is really only the last one or two additional lifts that builds muscle regardless of how painful it may feel. He knows that the next time he does this exercise he will be considerably better at it because he pushed himself to his limit the time before.

Whenever you are out in the field and want to quit, open one more conversation before you go and never go out alone at the beginning. Take a buddy for moral support and to help you pick up on (and pick you up after) your pitfalls. My Online Dating Course for Men is the next step you should take to learn more on how to build confidence. With simple tips like this and by watching our tutorial and hidden camera videos and you will be seeing results as quickly as tomorrow. Go here for more details:

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