How to Pick Up A Girl – A Blueprint

June 15, 2015

 Easy steps to picking up a girl

Pick up artist holding woman

T literally picks up a girl. In this instance he was sick of what the guy in the bottom left of this photo was doing when trying to steal his girl. T simply picked her up and walked away. Bad ass.

Learning how to pick up a girl sounds unbelievable to some and fantasy-like to most. “You either have it or you don’t” is the old-school sentiment that still lingers in men who, mostly, have never known how to pick up a girl. Every seasoned ladies’ man knows or at least has an inkling that when it comes to picking up girls, experience will tell you what works and what doesn’t. Which, put simply, is crap and I’ll tell you why by showing you the basics of how to pick up a girl.

 The Four Pillars of Seduction

* Playfulness

* Counter-intuitiveness

* Push/Pull

* Indifference

These are the four pillars of seduction, the unbreakable overarching principles which I have been teaching men for the past six years when they want to know how to pick up a girl. Now these won’t mean anything to you yet but what I can guarantee is that you will fare much better with these under your belt than your friends telling you to “just be confident.”


Playfulness is essential in creating a light, flirty conversation with a girl with no awkwardness. It seems vague but it is the key to having good conversations with girls. It is said a lot, you feel it sometimes but why can’t playfulness stay around and be effective at work, at home, at a club or during a bad mood? Playfulness is everything in your physical and verbal delivery. It’s not what you say but rather how you say it. However, know that if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re the kind of guy who consistently says the wrong thing at the wrong time, come with me and let me help you.

Remember: it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

I was out with a student five years ago in a club teaching him how to pick up a girl using playfulness. I told him that I would approach two different women and tell each of them to “get fucked.” One would love it, the other would hate it. Inside our online course I go into it in more detail but all you really need to know at this initial stage is that my intonation changed how it was received and got me laid. I said:

T:I bet that cocktail is just pure alcohol.”
Her: “No no, I don’t get drunk in public.”
T: “Get fucked! I swore I saw you puking old vodka into that pot plant over there a few moments ago.”
Her: “Haha, I do have have my nights; I just don’t think this is going to be a big one for me.”
T: “Really? I was really hoping I could hold your hair back while you’re sick and slowly move in as the “safe” guy friend and tell you in a few years that I’ve been into you since we met.”

Now there are a few things going on here. Making fun of social norms and typically accepted but rarely acknowledged relationships and clichés are a solid part of playfulness. However, here it was all about the intonation, how I said “get fucked,” so as to move the conversation initially into a more casual space.

Step 1 Elongate your “playful” words or phrases. I have videos on which can more accurately show you how to deliver playfulness both physically and vocally. For your purposes in learning how to pick up a girl you should simply don a cheeky smile and stretch out/elongate your words. Instead of “GET FUCKED,” which would be screamed or muttered resentfully under the breath of man who just got rejected by his fourth “lesbian,” this is “geeeeeet fuuucked.” It’s not pronounced “geet” instead of “get,” it is just simply the “get” and “fucked” sounds that you keep and stretch out.

Step 2 The elongating of the words opens doors for you to be sarcastic. While doing step one your facial expression and physical delivery come next to seal the deal and get her into a loose and flirty conversation. Pushing her shoulder lightly with your hand and smiling as you make the comment will get you out of more awkward situations and help you to pick up up women without tension more than any techniques. Best of all, it’s simple and easy to remember. To get more in depth pick up advice, check out my Online Dating Course for Men. This course will ensure better dating results for you. Go now to to learn more. Until next time, T

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Do the opposite of ‘pretending like you don’t know her’. Call it as it is – ‘Hey ‘McDonalds girl’ etc’ – just make sure you ACTUALLY met and SPOKE before…otherwise you’ll just come off as some creepy stalker who’s stared at her in many different situations that she was unaware of!

Stop changing your look, it will make you look like you have an identity crisis. Pick the new you, and stick to what he looks and acts like.

T. i have been changing looks with a girl for some time now, so i cant just go and do your approach like it was the first time i saw her. can you tell me some other kind of approach that will “work” in high school girls?

T. What tipe of aproach do you recomend if me and The girl already change looks for some time now, but she looks at me like she has no emotions, i cant do the aproach that you do in The vídeos because she saw me looking at her for some time now, i cant pretend That is The first time i see her.
Plzzz help and sry for my bad inglish.

T: “Really? I was really hoping I could hold your hair back whilst you’re sick and slowly move in as the ‘safe’ guy-friend and tell you in a few years that I’ve been into you since we met.”

hahah i laughed out loud. nice one

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting you one day. You are a sleaze bag, and the way you disrespect women qualifies as abuse and harrassment.
By all means if you think you’re so hot, then feel free to teach ‘tricks’ and give lessons on how to pick up women, but do not use women and play on their vulnerability.
It is very scary when you have gone out socially to open the door to potentially meeting someone and you come home to realise it is a scam. Why are you contributing to making the world more unsafe for us?
You are unworthy and dispicable.

what if your a 14 teen year old boy. I can tell the girl that im coming to talk to her because i thought she looked cute and i can close the number but i dont think i will be good at the conversation part and getting her to want me. What should i do and how should i approch the situition? Also im not very good looking and i know that you say you need to go out there and practice but i just want to make sure i know what im doing for my first time.

how can I minimize being bad at playfulness?

Would it be possible if I direct to this, from my webpage? I’m in need of help to collect as many pieces of good information as I am able.

Good post, I can’t say that I agree with everything that was said, but very good information overall:)

Thanks for sharing, please keep an update about this info. love to read it more. i like this site too much. Good theme ;).

The thing that kills me every time is getting that dirty look. When I approach a girl and say hi and I get those daggers, did I do something wrong? Should I press on, maybe make a joke about her attitude, or is that a sign that this girl isn’t interested?

God, think my biggest prob is getting the conversation to roll, is there any small bits that i can use to get me on track if it stops up? And one more thing, the push/pull part, what is good teasing and whats bad teasing? (yeah i know my english sucks)

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