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August 19, 2016


  • Why Do Women Test You?
  • How to Remain a ‘Confident Guy’ Under Her Pressure
  • Why Giving Her What She Wants Will Make You Fail

Why Do Women Test You?

Yes! Shit tests are one of the main ways women test men’s frames of mind. They are the most effective, efficient and common ways to determine whether you are man enough for them. As a general rule the hotter the woman, the harder her shit tests. Better looking women will get approached more, develop higher standards and have more gall when it comes to finding the diamonds in the rough. This is their way of seeing whether you are man enough to be with them.

Shit tests come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately they are designed to throw you off course and can be a series of abrupt questions, comments or anything to test how far they can push you. The more easily manipulated, shocked, offended or nervous you appear to be, the less value you have. The goal is to differentiate yourself from other men who have failed these before you.

“Can’t you see we’re talking here?”

“Do I know you?”


“Can you get me a drink?”

All of the above are forms of shit tests. There is a serious double standard when you compare what women can say and get away with when compared to what men can say to a woman. You can identify a shit test by asking yourself “If I was to say to her what she just asked me, would I expect her to get offended?”

The More You React, The Less Confident You Appear

One essential key to passing a shit test is not so much to say something witty but to be counterintuitive and demonstrate both verbally and through your body language that you are not phased. Words can be faked, even some body language can be faked and a female’s evolutionary instincts are trained to weed out the legitimate candidates from the fraudsters. You need to show you are totally unaffected. A shit test, in its essence, is the same as compliance testing. Women put out a hoop and the men who jump through it will be considered of a lesser value to the men who do not.

The best way to pass these shit-tests is for the man to make the woman feel as if she has earned his compliance rather than him giving it over freely because he is attracted to her. There is no doubt that women who come up to men in bars and outright ask for a drink before having earned it will respect compliant men less than men who make them earn their reward. This is the same psychological premise that you see in spoilt children when compared with kids from poorer families. Spoilt children will never appreciate the ten gifts they get for their birthdays as much as poorer children appreciate the one gift they may receive. Men often give goodlooking women rewards before they have earned them because men feel that the females’ appearances automatically dictate how much respect she will be given.

Don’t Give Them What They Want

Even though women’s shit tests usually ask for something, the wrong answer (ironically) would be to give them what they asked for. My girlfriend and I were discussing how she would tell the boys at school to throw something in the bin for her because she could not be bothered to get up and she knew that because of her looks / popularity that they would be compliant. When I asked her how she felt towards the people who rejected her request she replied that they are now her closest friends, they treated her like everyone else instead of putting her on a pedestal. This may seem odd considering these women set themselves up to be put on a pedestal however the men who succumb to these shit tests or do not handle them correctly will always be perceived as weak.

A shit test sorts the boys from the men; a woman wants to know who is man enough to treat her normally despite being attracted to her. It is one of the most important lessons in the girl dating games. Often it can be difficult to determine whether the woman’s request is legitimate or a shit test. Refusing to do something like pass her the handbag might seem like a rude response to a question that may or may not have shit test connotations.

In these situations the best way to handle shit tests is through using sarcasm or playfully making her earn it.

Her: pass me my handbag over there

You : mmm…tell me a funny joke and then you’ll get your handbag Her: what?

You: tell me a funny joke first and I’ll give you your handbag

Her: *tells joke*

You: sorry, not funny enough, I’ll be keeping the bag now; it goes well with my outfit too! *pass   her the bag regardless of what you said*

Diffuse the Situation With Humour

Losing control of the situation, acting hostile or getting offended by a shit test will automatically see you blown out of the interaction. Furthermore complying with the shit test will have a like effect, so what is the right answer? You saw above how you can comply with their shit test by making them earn your response but humour is also a highly effective way to come out on top.

You: hey guys

Her: can’t you see that I’m trying to have a conversation here?

You: that’s funny, so am I

Humor will always diffuse a hostile or awkward situation. Even if your retort is not that funny it is still considerably better than a hostile response. Do remember yourself regularly of this dating advice. And with my Online Dating Course for Men you will be the best in handling shit tests. With simple tips like this and by watching our tutorial and hidden camera videos and you will be as successful as hundreds of other guys around the world. Go here for more details:

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