[Hidden Cam] How to Get a Stranger’s Number in Under 1 Minute

January 11, 2017

Ever wondered why pick up lines will get girls to fall for you but often will not get women?

That’s because it is never about the pick up lines; it’s about understanding what makes a woman think of you as a confident and attractive man. Pick up lines get old and that’s why I’ve put this video here for you of me picking up and Asian-Australian lady in Sydney’s Chinatown district.

pua video screenshot

Savvy, a girl who I met and closed in one minute flat. Back in those days it was a new record for me. I called it “The One Minute Mile” because there was a mile of stuff I had to learn before I could get any woman’s number in one minute.

Most guys I know do not approach Asian woman because they feel that they’re too different and that there’s a cultural divide. In reality, I think most of them deep down are conscious of being seen as racist if they were to say “they probably won’t speak English,” but sometimes I find out this is actually the case so I ask these guys why they think that. They usually are honest enough to say “most of the Asians I know or meet don’t have a good understanding of the English language.” Because of this, they do not approach Asian women since in their minds they believe it will end up being the same kind of conversation they have with the manager of their local Chinese restaurant. I actually happen to agree with this racist stereotype because 10 to 20 years ago the majority of Asians I met were new immigrants to Australia. Despite what people may say, I honestly believe that over the past five years since China’s boom, the level of English in Chinatown is almost always good enough to hold an effective conversation that isn’t in pigeon English. I chose Chinatown because all the Asians I approach outside of Chinatown are not fresh citizens, they’re Australian born, so you can just pick them up as usual.

How do you pick up exotic women?

Despite that, many people are only interested in picking up within their own culture. I was one of those people for most of my life because my family insisted that I stick to ONLY Jewish girls and I did. Because I had a very small community from which to choose my partners, I was never too successful with women in my youth. Once I hit 16 I realized that idea was insane. I started using pick up lines to get girls but they were so cheesy, stupid and obvious that they really could only be used as jokes. Everyone knows everyone if you’re an observant Jewish person in Sydney. Just like any religion, cult or pastime it usually has an incestuous community aspect to it that can easily suck you in to other people’s drama. I started approaching black women when I first realized that intermarriage is crap because no rabbi, priest, parent or friend could ever convince me that their views should dictate who I love and don’t love. Psychologists, neuroscience, my heart and MOST importantly my own research and what I have seen proven true consistently will be the only things that sway me. In other words, I follow science, not God nor a man or woman who has authority by an organization (business, church, cult, etc.) nor a friend who’s trying to push his/her own personal anti-assimilation sentiments into my life because his/her views aren’t things they’re proud to state outright since even though they think them, they know that saying them sounds racist.

You have one minute to get her number before her dad returns!

So, here’s a video I filmed two years ago and you can see on screen the bare-bones tips I was working on back in my early days (two years prior to even being bothered to go out and film what I do). It is by no means out of date, though all the commentary you see is very technique based and not very succinct. In other words, you will have to learn each little trick and remember a heap of things (that’s how I used to do it). Later I researched the commonalities of what makes all these things effective and then focused on helping guys to keep it simple. That way, they never run out of things to say. Too much to remember will cause you to “blank out” while using a pick up line, being a pick up artist or using any form of social or interpersonal trick or tip.

Pick up in one minute tips and tricks

That’s all they are: tips and tricks, not real solutions. The real solutions created the tips and tricks. You can see that I use them in this video when picking up an Asian girl in under one minute who was with her DAD! It’s insane, but not really (you’ll be able to do it too just by watching this video, which kills how “insane” it is because it’s really very simple).

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