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September 16, 2016


    • Why Teasing Is An Important Part of Flirting


    • The Step-By-Step Guide To Flirt By Teasing


  • A Revealing Example of Speed Seduction


Why Teasing Is Important Part of Flirting

I think that the thing men find most difficult to grasp when learning how to flirt is teasing women in a non-offensive way.

Why this is so important?

Push / pull is on of the most essential technique for creating attraction. Teasing not only acts an effective push but can be used demonstrate one of the four essential elements for any good interaction: playfulness. In the early early stages of my learning curve I would tease people in a way I believed was playful but in reality I can across as rude and arrogant.

One and a half years later I realized that is a sticking-point that needs to be dealt with from the outset of your social journey. I’ve been working on a step-by-step theory that will provide you with a basic outline for how to flit by teasing effectively. Once you get the hang of it after 5 interactions or so, you will be able to push the envelope considerably further than you once thought provided that you deliver it in a playful fashion (refer to Being Counterintuitive: How to get women instantly more attracted to you).

The Step-By-Step Guide To Flirt By Teasing

Firstly you need to make an standard observation about the target. When I say “Standard” I mean something that most people would think of on first glance, preferably something that isn’t negative. The fact that you’re teasing early on in the interaction can sometimes find you insulting them and as a result their mind will close to the humor to come.

The first time I tried this process I met Stephania, a 23 year old sultry brunette who I found extremely enticing. She was about 6”2 and with her brother. She wore a black strapless one-piece dress supported by her small frame and complimented by some arty square-shaped glasses.

The first thought that came to mind was: she’s a designer.

The second part of the process is coming up with an assumption that is not general or obvious but rather left of center, kooky or even mildly insulting. As I mentioned earlier the aim is not to insult them, your delivery is what will help you out, a sarcastic tone for the second assumption can be helpful.

Because she was wearing all black, had dark eye-liner and dark hair I thought she could be a likened to:

• a ninja

• Morticia from the Adams family

• a SWAT sniper

• a funeral director

• a gothic rocker

I decided to go with ninja as it was the first thing that came to mind and I honesty could not be bothered standing there working out which was better, ultimately it doesn’t matter as long as you stick to the following:

1) Make a general assumption (she’s in design)

2) Make a non-standard assumption about her (she’s can be a likened to a ninja)

3) then link the two (under all those stylish clothes I bet there’s a _______waiting to be set free)

A Revealing Example

Her name: Stephania

Her age: 23

Location: Nightlclub

This is how it went down:

T: I’m going to take a guess and say you’re in design (general assumption)

Her: No I’m a solicitor, why did you say design?


T: You’re in all black with the square glasses. You may be a solicitor but deep down (link), by the looks of you, you’re trying to release your inner ninja (non-standard assumption).


Her: Ha-ha I’ve always had a thing for ninjas


T: that’s cool (reward) not many girls can appreciate poorly dubbed Jackie Chan movies


Her: Oh no not a fan of Jackie Chan


T: Oh see this will never work (push), you’re stylish (Pull) but that won’t save you from disliking the Chan


Her: Really? So who are you to say that we’ll never work (need for validation).


T: I’m Jackie Chan (playful).


Her: You don’t look Asian enough (shit-test)


T: Really? So who are you to say that I’m not Asian enough? (challenge her with her own test).


Her: I’m half-Thai so I think I’d know

T:The lower half?

Her:Oh my God that’s such an old joke, its pathetic (shit test). And yes the lower half (still jumping through the hoops)


T:Ah that’s a shame, I don’t eat Thai (sexual innuendo) past *checked my watch* 11:32pm (creating a playful barrier)


Her:Well if you’re lucky they’ll have a second dinner sitting some time in the future


T: I don’t eat in the future, I eat in the present, and as hard as half-Thai is come across this time of night it appears a lot of Australian is on the menu *I pointed to a perfect 10 across the room, the perfect 10 saw me and the Stephania looking at her, I used the social proof of Stephania to be playful with the 10 to then use her social proof to make Stephania jealous. I poked out my tongue at the 10, she laughed, reciprocated and turned back to her friends*

Her: Do you know her? (taking the bait)

T: I guess you could call her a…friend (jealously cue)

Her: Oh…so you expect me to be the next one of your special “friends”? (She wants me to say no and convince her I’m not going to use her and throw her away. If I do this I will look like a beta male. If I don’t I will look like a player, tough situation, this calls for mixed messages)

T: I expect you to be what you are

Her:What’s that meant to mean?

T:When you figure it out let me know, I’m going to speak to my “friends” *I walked back to my client and we talked about what happened, Stephania came back up and interrupted my conversation*

Her: Let’s not play games, I’ve got my brother minding a seat over there but we’re leaving to go to Opera Bar soon if you want to come (this was a problem, firstly the last time I went to opera bar some guy approached me while I was talking to a girl and started talking about his new ideas on approaching and picking up women….The girl I was talking to wasn’t too happy, in fact she bailed. Secondly I didn’t want her to be leading me despite really wanting an easy venue change but I was waiting for another instructor and couldn’t leave, it would have to be a number close)

T: I’ll see you there in 3 hours or so, I told Chantelle (pointing to the perfect 10 across the room who saw me pointing and gave me a real greasy look, I thought “fuck! I pushed it too far with the non-existent social proof”) that I would meet her after.

Put your number in my phone and I’ll give you a call when I need a ninja.

Her: I know what’s in them, they’re filled with…

T: No no no! don’t ruin it for me, you can tell me on Wednesday evening. A mate’s band is playing at the basement at 8pm. What’s your name

Her: Stephania.

T:Already got a Stephania in my phone (social proof), I’m saving you as “Ninja Bitch” (I always grab an individual nickname from the target before I number close, this way when I call all I have to say is “Ninja Bitch!” and they automatically know who it is. It’s easier than “I’m T, the guy from the Establishment…you know with the brown jacket…”).

Her: Ok, wait, what’s you’re name (indicator of interest)

T:We’ll do the names thing later (tease as well as making her believe that she has already agreed to see me later) 8pm Wed?

Her: But I only finish work at 8

T: Guess you’ll be late then

The rest was history. The more you practice the more available different assumptions will start to become in your mind and you will master the art of how to flirt effectively by teasing. To learn more check out my other articles and sign up for my Online Dating Course for Men, where you can find all my lessons and unique video material that will help you to get the women you always wanted.

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