Little Known Tricks for Attracting Women Fast

November 18, 2016
guy with promo girls

T with two promotional girls at a car show. He succeed not because he beat 95 percent of his male competition who were after them but simply because the other men just asked for a photo and didn’t properly approach.

You can learn how to attract a woman!

Knowing how to attract a woman seems like something impossible to quantify. Most men don’t have a clue that you can learn how to attract a girl nor are they aware that it is possible to do it fast even if you’re not a spunk.

Believe it or not there are many schools of thought on this for both men and woman on seducing partners, business associates, friends, etc. The problem is, like myself, other teachers are self-appointed gurus or academics who are convinced that their way is the best. After completing both a business and law degree and having worked in factories, law firms and merchant banks I’ve realized that every clown has an opinion. That’s why I’ve gone out and filmed (with hidden cameras) exactly how to attract a girl using a set of simple processes that have been more than just “tested by our amazing company.” I’ve filmed it. Hundreds of times. Just for you, some of which is free on

For now, you just want a quick solution and in reality you’re kidding yourself if you think one article can turn you into everything every man has strived to be since the dawn of time – attractive. What it can do is summarize for you the steps you will need to take to attract a girl so can you avoid filling your head with everyone’s “right way” of doing things. Firstly you need to have a grasp and understanding of the four basic concepts which we have taught to over 15,000 happy men over the past few years when learning how to attract a girl.

The 4 core principles:

– Counter Intuitiveness

– Push / Pull

– Indifference

– Playfulness

I’ve expanded upon these in subsequent articles( for example  Being Counterintuitive: How to get women instantly more attracted to you, How to Be Indifferent: Push and Pull Technique IntroducedFun Tactic To Use: Disqualifiers In Flirtingbut for those just tuning in to learn how to attract a girl let me break it down quickly.

Counter intuitiveness:

It’s all about looking at what the average guy does and doing the opposite within reason. E.g. Most men don’t touch a woman when they first meet her. This can be a small touch just on the arm for emphasis or to get their attention. Either way it communicates confidence and communicates to them that you’re a guy who’s comfortable touching people. 99% of men don’t and miss the grand opportunity of jump-starting a woman’s physical hardwires.

Push / Pull:

Inherently weaker guys are either doormats who pull the woman in too much by being needy or subservient. Guys who push them away too much through too much teasing or putting their foot down are too inconsiderate, sleazy and macho for most modern women. You need to push/pull concurrently and capitalize on how the mixed messages brew attraction insider her body and mind.

You want her but you don’t need her. You can’t get angry nor can you be seen as desperate. Sure you can show you like her but never forget you need to act as if you have 100 other women just as hot waiting for you at home. You’re the prize and you need to be prepared to challenge her, disagree with her at times and get her aware that she needs to show how she’s special to you. This is a two way sale and she can’t forget that because ultimately she needs to know she’s replaceable but you can’t tell her this. You show it by basically assuming you have rock-star amounts of poontang.

This is just a brief introduction. My other articles will cover more in detail and you should also check out my Online Dating Course for Men:  
Cheers, T

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hey T make a video about picking up a girl at the gym i really want to try it..!!
cool videos…take care!!!!!

Samuel Christian23
December 15, 2011 2:45 pm

Really a great post. I liked it and its good that you are sharing
with others too.

Dis z hot,
hw do u convice a girl that u’ve 4 a vry long tym bin eyeing,and she knwz u are into her?

g8t ideas dude.. gonna implement these!

Hey dude u rocks i like uour style. but I hv a Q..
I am the 1 u r talking about not the sexy guy but i pretty much good and working on my muscle i already kissed i girl once it was my first time and she like it and i didn’t do anything she just picked me and when we dance i thought it is the moment and i kissed her and she was pretty but that was in the bar so, i don’t know am i good only with the girls in a bar or i am really that good!!? pls gve me more tips about that..

T, how do i get a girl who already thinks im a prick ?!

hey T, how can i make a girl i know like me, but were not friends were more like Hi And Bye, we only share the same friends, so its ankward to be alone with her but i can have conversations with her due to the fact that were in the same social group,,,

hey T make a video about picking up a girl at the gym i really want to try it..!!
cool videos…take care!!!!!

Hey T,
could you show a pick up in a public library. It`s a place many students have to be and there are beautiful girls.


you are literally a genius. saw your “12 minute” video once on youtube, and it worked first time. i owe you for my girlfriend

im from philippines. many guys know some of the concepts on how to approach women but dont know these stuff PUA. filipina girls are quite tricky. im trying to internalize all your teachings, together with the other pua instructors. lets see if we can apply to filipina girls


hey u should come to lebanon here in the downtown its crowded and has alot of great girls and trust me with ur skill u can get alot

I usero not be able to talk to women and be open to conversation when I was in high school. I’m 22 now and I’m 100 times more comfortable and confident just because of me working with the public. I noticed how people talked , conversated, reacted to certain things, no dout ur methods wrk but I don’t want people to think that they can be a in house computer geek( no offense) can watch ur videos ( which r good techniques) and start mingleing wit women….what they need to do I get out the house and just go in a coffee house and watch listen and observe and then take all that and try talking to women take it slow hell try saying hi to the clerk at the gas station once in a while lol …… U have to crawl before you can walk and walk before u can run !!!!!!!

I think that I’ll be able to if you can get a few guys together to make it worth my while. Keep in mind my workshops are $3,500 a head for a one on one with me for 2 days and 2 nights + flights / accomodation. The more guys you get the cheaper that will become.

You should come to Colombia; where its crowded with very beautiful women, and also one beautiful country. What do you think?

counter intuitive smacks of Eric Weber’s old ‘so do (insert occupation) like to fuck?’ that would be rude, crude and offensive, but he claimed it would also catch women off guard, and if she had the sense of humor you would want in a woman, she would take the ball in her court, and be playful, surely would escalate the conversation. but i am taking it that just the nerve, and bravado to approach plainly is so unusual it is in it’s own right escalating by being honest about your intent? I have tried ‘what will it take to pick you up?’ and ‘what do i say here that will actually intrique and fascinate you?’ in the past, and although they get attention, the boyfriend defense almost imidiately arises followed by that inching away mood buster. would any of this work without throwing in time constaint?

True! In short, playfulness makes your seductions faster and more simple as having a playful delivery will reduce resistance. If you’re serious in your delivery people are more likely to take things the wrong way and you’ll waste time trying to ‘explain yourself’.

World tour is currently on, just finished my Korean / Asian leg. Briz Vegas? I’ll be in Vegas around the end of July. But ‘Briz’? Not sure what that is.

T., you forgot to write about Playfulness! Or is that just you being playful? What’s happening with your world tour? Are you coming to Briz Vegas?

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