Being Counterintuitive: How to get women instantly more attracted to you

May 22, 2015


  • To Be Different From Other Men
  • How To React When You Get a Woman’s Number
  • Training Yourself To Be Counterintuitive and Playful
  • How To Be Sarcastic

Be Different From Other Men

Ever had a night where you felt like the king, you could do anything with anyone and get away with it yet next weekend you were using the same lines on the same people but you got nowhere. What will always differentiate you from the average male is making a conscious effort to be counterintuitive during your interactions with women.

The underlying premise of how to talk to women is this: you need to differentiate yourself from every other man out there by teasing women. It helps to do this playfully so they are not fully sure as to whether you are serious or not.

How To React When You Get a Woman’s Number

An example may be when you get a woman’s number. The average man would either say “thank you” or something along the lines of “I’ll call you tomorrow at eight, I’d really like to continue our conversation about Mexican food / going overseas / the effect of tariffs on Kazakhstan’s economy / etc”. She’s heard this before and now you are slowly moving towards being perceived as average and that is not how you attract women.

Alternatively you can choose to be counterintuitive and say something playful like “Thanks, I’ll give you a call when I’m drunk and lonely”. Lets take a second example and say a woman asks “Will you call me?” and you reply “Sure, what do you want me to call you?” as you walk off as opposed to “Sure, how’s Wednesday at seven?” Being witty and teasing women does come into it however it is not essential, it just makes it easier to pull off. Once again be reminded that even though you can learn these lines word for word, you need to master the process and the mentality of being counterintuitive to learn how to attract women.

Your aim is to be the exception rather than the norm. Instead of taking them on a date to coffee and the movies take them to the supermarket to do your shopping with you. If you can make a boring situation interesting you will put yourself light years beyond other men and shows that you know how to attract women.

Every other man will try to impress her by saying they are a doctor or a lawyer, even if this is true you will not catch her off-guard. Being counterintuitive can show you are spontaneous and comfortable within yourself. Even though I have studied business and law at university I still prefer to make a joke about how I make a living being a proof reader for sky-writers. Or if she says, “You’re such a nice guy” you could have the average reply of “No I’m not that great but thanks” or you can say “I’m actually a serial killer, but thanks for assuming I’m good value”. See where I’m coming from here?

Training Yourself To Be Counterintuitive and Playful

The best way to become counterintuitive, and to attract women, is to take the time to ask yourself “what would the average guy say / do in this situation” and then see if you can do the opposite in a funny or playful way. Funny gets you attention, playful gets you laid.

Playful usually involves you teasing the woman whilst having a little smile or a smirk as if you are about to laugh. The secret of how to talk to girls is that any line ever said can be playful as it is the delivery which makes something playful rather than the content. You can give them subtle pushes to their shoulders and challenge what they say through subtly making fun of it.

For example, here is an interaction I had the other day which could happen to you:

Her: on the weekends I go bush walking to clear my head

You: I can picture you in a sweaty wife-beater and safari hat hacking away at bamboo in 40 degrees heat

Her: ha-ha not quite, I like it when it is more relaxing and not as intense

You: well there’s a nice pot plant over there, why don’t you rub your face in it for a bit and it will save you heading out into the Amazon this weekend

Her: ha-ha I don’t think I’m in the right gear for it *pointing at her high heals and cocktail dress*

You: if anyone can go hiking in stilettos and Gucci it could be you

Her: and what’s that suppose to mean?

You: it means what it meant

Her: ha-ha ok whatever you reckon

You: I reckon your favorite color is blue

Her: red actually You: um…no, it’s blue. Trust me I think I’d know

Her: ok, whatever you think weirdo You: are you usually this hostile towards guys you’re attracted to?

Her: no

You: good to know I’m the exception to the rule, don’t try breaking other rules with me though, I don’t know for how much longer I can handle your flirting

Accusing them of flirting with you or trying to win you over, even when it is not the case, is a fun cheeky way of getting them to start to think “perhaps I am flirting with him… Maybe I do like him…” It really is as simple as teasing them about something whilst having a smile on your face. Even just saying “Oh c’mon!”, “As if” or “No way!” is considered being playful. Many men who are successful with women use childish humor because, even though it may be the most simplistic (e.g. Ew, don’t touch me you have cooties!), what was funny in the second grade is still funny now. And being funny is essential part of knowing how to talk to women.

How To Be Sarcastic

Elongating the ends of your words can make them sound sarcastic and consequently playful. You can say anything you want when talking to a woman but if it is done with a sarcastic tone and smile you can get away with it. In a recent workshop I showed a student the difference between telling a girl to “fuck off” playfully and then with a normal every-day tone. When I said “fuck off” in a very ordinary expressionless way it came out offensive however when I elongated the suffix of “off” it then became playful. There is a difference between “fuck off” and “fuck offffffffff” or “as if” and “as-iiiff”. Additionally emphasizing each word by itself as opposed to emphasizing the whole sentence adds to sarcasm.

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