[VIDEO] Australia’s Most Watched Dating Debate: Is Tinder Better Than Real Life?

January 18, 2017

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Is tinder ruining our society or is real world dating the answer or is it a combination of both?

With words being only 7% of all communication can it really be that effective, especially compared to meeting people in real life?

This is how it began, with a wholesome radio interview you’ll find really interesting as we explain the basics of learning speed seduction with a student I was given by the TV / Radio station who I trained up in about 1.5-2hrs.

Then we progressed to the main event, a1 Hr Video episode of Hack Live (that you will LOVE) that pretty much totally misrepresented what I do…but still, it topped Twitter for nearly 24hrs!


Either-way, full respect to the show for always asking the hard questions (however it’s nice to be able to have an opportunity to reply).

and see why it was the most watched show in Australia that night.

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The hardest question of all was the one from ‘accomplished writer’ Alxy Gorman:

Makes sense after I discovered a previous tweet of hers that this incredibly successful but fearful and insecure woman simply came to the show with preconceived notions and a total ignorance of what I do, only supported by the deeply skewed editing and production of #hacklive. I think she’s the one in need of some communication training.

If she knew more about what I do, she’d know coming from a place of fear never leads to good decisions. Her twisted (and seriously phallic) metaphor just evidenced the fact she couldn’t just have a straight talking conversation and needed to cloak her assertions in the abstract.

Despite the twisted way the mainstream media often portrays the simple act of teaching people social skills and helping them  meet, attract and keep the opposite sex and find love, I thought it would be a bit of an ambush. Even Giselle on the show told me “I’m going to rip you to fucking shreds out there” simply after I politely indroduced myself in the greenroom. I think the discussion she was having was more in her head than on the panel.   So luckily filmed my student Chris’ thoughts straight after our 1 hour of training (something conveniently left out of the show), check it out:

Note, they showed videos from 8 years ago, gave me 1 hour to train Chris, showed none of the overwhelmingly positive debriefs from the women he spoke to on the day. In short, they made it out to be totally creepy – but keep in mind…they showed footage of the first approaches Chris ever made…ever. I’d like to see have smooth the critics approaches would be if they actually had the stones to go approach people in real life and not hide behind a screen…and then advocate other people do the exact same thing.

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Once the dust settled, we debriefed the events of last night on today’s Hack episode on Triple J Radio with some interesting comments from a woman, Aly the ‘ghoster’ from the show, who talks about a bit of training I gave her after the episode (yes, I train women too so ladies, email me your questions as this site is currently pretty male-oriented but that’s about to change).

Aly copped it pretty hard online but she truly is one of the bravest women I’ve met and deserves your attention.

Have a listen to the aftermath here, the results speak for themselves from the horses mouth, not from ignorant people with preconceived ideas.

Let me know your thoughts and questions below or join me on twitter @howtoseduce, or even better – tell them your thoughts on their own site and tell people if you agree with their assertion that we should never approach people in person.

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