2 Text-messages That She Will Answer – A Guide To Reconnecting With Her

July 8, 2016

How To Reconnect With Someone After A Long Time


The Push / Pull Technique: The Most Powerful Way to Build Attraction

It is not uncommon for an interaction to go stale over time. You might have called, she was busy for the next two weeks, you forgot about her for a few months and now you are looking at her number in your phone and wanting to penetrate her(or just, you know, meet her). You might even go out on a date or two with a girl, even had sex with them and the relationship did not take off…but now you changed your mind and would like to meet her again.

Relax, it is normal, however calling her after three weeks or more of dead time can come off as really weird particularly if you did not spend much time with her. No one likes to be the stalker and even if they are, no one likes to think they are. So do not call. Send her a text-message that is nonthreatening, not needy and engaging. This is called a Reconext.

I stumbled across the Reconext by accident at an Indian restaurant; the waitress looked like an identical, but Indian version, of Shannon, a girl I met ages ago. Shannon and I met at a bookshop, went to coffee, kissed, exchanged numbers and then went our separate ways. I was too lazy to follow up the number at the time but I was bored and horny a month after I met her. Calling her that much later would be unexpected and will most likely come off as weird or desperate if I only made the effort now. I did not want to lie and tell her I was away shampooing homeless penguins in Antarctica for the past month. Instead I sent her the first ever ‘Reconext’. Something I call the Indian Girl message.

The Magical ”Indian Girl Message”

I: I just saw an Indian version of you. Craziest thing ever

This exact message has been used over 300 times by myself and over 140 times by my students and it always gets a response (unless you banged the girl’s sister or ran over her pet). The first sentence is subtle, relevant and not needy in any regard. It is normal for people to reconnect through coincidences. If you met the her sister you could message her simply saying “I met your sister” and you will still get a response. If an opportunity for such a nice coincidence does not arise, you then use a Reconext.

The Indian Girl Reconext communicates a few things to her:

– she is not special because of her looks

– there is someone more exotic than her out there

– you are out, socializing and talking to other girls

– she might think she can compete with any other girl because of her looks but what happens when there is a look-alike running around?

Another Great Message To Reconnect With Her

Another SMS you can use is:

You: you would loooooove the store I’m in now. The clothing is really your handwriting (elongating ‘love’ helps emphasize your point and is more likely to spark her interest)

Her: oh really? which one? I really need some new clothes

You: The Salvation Army Depot

Her: ha-ha very funny, what are you up to etc


Her: I love the Salvation Army, what are you up to etc

Either way you win, as you’re now communicating with her again and you can start escalating. The answer how to do that can be found in my Online Dating Course for Men, where I cover all the essentials of social interactions with articles, videos and tasks that will improve your love life dramatically!

Your Dating Hacker,


Jonathan Sankey

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