Techniques for Approaching Girls

July 14, 2015


  •  A Practical Advice For Approaching A Group of Girls
  •  The Most Common Mistake Man Make When Approaching A Girl
  •  Approaching A Girl By Asking An Opinion


How To Approach A Girl In A Group

When approaching a group of girls, start by engaging the girl you perceive to be most receptive. This is usually the one people are looking at or the one having the most fun. Gently touch her arm to get her attention, and proceed with a concise opener (be sure to ground it – i.e. “Hey my friends and I are discussing and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on (Opener)”. Now as you run your opener you will notice the rest of the group is giving you suspicious looks.

Solution: Run the opener on the Receptive Girl (RG) but before she has a chance to respond break eye contact with her and address the group as whole with the same question (like you are trying to include them in discussion).

Before the group has a chance to respond look back to RG for answer/ reaction. By doing this, you are disarming the group (showing them your harmless intent), that you want to include them, and getting them involved and interacting with you. For the next minute you can repeat this sequence, make comment to RG, repeat to group, then point (literally) to a group member you would like to respond to your statement/question. Switch it around, call on different people; spread your eye contact and reaction-opportunities equally throughout the group until you are ready to isolate the target for some 1-on-1 time.

The Most Common Mistake Men Make When Approaching A Girl

The most common mistake people make is they decide which opener they will use before finding a girl to use it on. This is like playing soccer with a grenade: you may score but there’s a good chance you will get blown out. Instead you want to assess the girl’s state and then use an opener appropriate to that state. It is worth elaborating that your opener should be matched to your reading of the girl. If you perceive the girl as sexual you will be less successful asking for a quick female opinion on something then you will be with a direct or situational opener. Likewise, if you perceive the girl as timid, she’ll probably shy away from a direct opener while she’ll respond to your request for a quick opinion.

Run with what they are focused on. If a woman is looking at capsicums in the grocery store, make your opener about capsicums. If a woman is at a bar and is looking at the cocktail menu, use a cocktail-related opener. If they are focused on it they will be interested in it and your conversation will hook considerably easier.

Approaching A Girl By Asking An Opinion

If you’re going to use an opinion, ask something relevant that you care about. I do not like asking who is sexier Spiderman or Superman because I do not care – girls can tell this – they are ultra perceptive. Sure you can practice and rehearse to act like you care but why bother? How is being able to convincingly ask a mundane question a good skill to have? If you are going to use an opinion or open with a question, make it a question you care about. “I was just in Prague and I got this bracelet, do you think it would be wrong to give it to a mate as a gift even though I’ve worn it?” etc.

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