Q. How long do I have to stay on this course for without incurring penalty fees and charges?
There’s no minimum, you can quit anytime. No hidden fees for signups or cancellations and no charges
Q. Why am I having payment Issues with PayPal (Debit Cards)
We know of the problems associated with PayPal accepting debit-cards.

We are currently remedying this issue for you by implementing an in-house merchant facility. Due to the current economic credit crisis our bank has informed us this may take up to 6 months.

The reason we use PayPal is that it is by far the most trusted and secure way for you to process payments. They insure against fraud, wrongful charges and generally hell-bent on security hence why we chose them for our customers. They do have limitations though and as said above, these are being remedied.

For now what we recommend is to establish a PayPal account using your bank account. A bank account is all you need to start making payments / transfers for our site.

Q. My approach anxiety is so incredibly bad that I’m worried I’ll be left behind in the course if it doesn’t get fixed soon. Can you help me?
Firstly, we receive more than 2,400 emails DAILY just about approach anxiety and how nervousness gets in the way of approaches and progress. We are unequivocally the best in the industry at dealing with this specific issue …we are also very humble.

It is THE most common issue in men who have decided to improve their seduction skills and can often be the most debilitating issue if not remedied properly.

After reading every pickup book, doing 13 face to face workshops and blowing over $70,000 on seduction products it still took me 2 years to make my first approach.

That’s because I was taught incredibly poorly.

So, will your approach anxiety EVER fully go away?

Yes. The catch is that the best approach anxiety killer is approaches themselves aided by anxiety management skills and tools we will provide you with. If you do a minimum of 3 approaches every day to anyone, not just women then very quickly this will no longer plague you.

If you do this for a year, have no more approach anxiety then don’t do another approach for the next 6 months then it will start to creep back again because you’re not as desenitised are you originally were.

When I was a competitive kick boxer and trying to compensate for “not feeling like a big man” my teacher used to make me kick rock hard sand bags. The first month was a nightmare, I would kick it once a day and the pain never got better (I think you can see where this is going).

After a month I decided this wasn’t for me, it hurt too much and I quit kickboxing until a year later when a friend told me he kicked it hard and fast for two days straight. His shins became desensitized to the pain and he didn’t feel anything there by the end of the week. One year later he won the Australian Kickboxing championship and remained at the top for the next three years.

We deal with approach anxiety at length throughout our online course. What you need to be aware of is, as a Seduce In Seconds member, there are essential core concepts which need to be internalised before you do go out and start to do full-blown approaches.

Our course and its exercises are designed to get your confidence up by adding a variety of ammunition to your seduction arsenal. Anxiety is often caused by not knowing what to say or not feeling confident in approaching women. For this reason we’ve spent the past 6 years developing a mix of tools you can use to get past this as painlessly as possible.

Some of these tools are:

– Exercises prescribed to you early on in your first few lessons to get you out and socialising instantly. These may not always be full-blown pickups and are designed to get you to socialising with women you already know or have recently picked up after lesson 1 without getting rejected or putting so much pressure on you that you overload and give up.

It is a gradual thing that can take up to a few weeks to dispel but what is for sure is that if you do follow the exercises within the first week your anxiety will dissipate.

– Specific lessons early on in the course such as Lesson 4 (Attracting Everyone) and Lesson 6 (Starting the Conversation) and specifically Lesson 7 (The Mercenary) that drill deep into in to approaching and getting past approach and rejection anxiety. Throughout most of our other lessons T also talks about approach anxiety techniques in his videos and gives you a wide variety of ways to get over it.

– The ability to skip ahead lessons so you don’t have to wait. Don’t freak out when you’re still on the $3.99 trial and get charged $20, our system knows this and will still credit those discounted lessons to your account. Skipping ahead a lesson will not see you pay any more than you already agreed, it simply takes an extra lesson and adds it to this month’s charge.

Our online course (if you are already a member) does provide in depth detailed answers on these topics. I’d answer them for you here and now yet I am not qualified to do so, I am a customer service manager and these answers are reserved for seasoned pickup artists and, once again, are in our online course.

This is why the online course at www.seduceinseconds.com was created, to more easily service your needs. We do have diagnostic tools, forms, information and videos within the course that do deal with these issues. If you are in need of URGENT personal advice T does do the occasional free tele-seminar where you can ask him specific questions relating solely to your situation, though these are rare occurrences unless a specific offer was put to you.

However, if you feel you cannot wait we can aim to reserve a spot for you for some phone coaching with T. These are delivered in 1 hr blocks at $350 each though we are currently booked out for these for a while. Cancellations do often occur though. If you wish, you can send us an email with “COACHING WAITING LIST” in the subject line and we will contact you when a free position arises.

Q. How long is your course and how much for the entire course?
That honestly depends. That is like saying how long will it take me to learn how to play chess.

Well you can learn how all the pieces move in about 1/2 hour. But how long will it take you to get GOOD at chess. Well how GOOD are we talking about?

Read on, I’m not beating around the bush because guys who ask me this very important question need a proper answer.

I have designed my system to make you get results with women FAST. If you want to be able to get nearly any girls phone number in only a minute or two.
* That will take you about 1 week.

Do want to be able to convince these women to go on a date with you 99% of the time.
* That will take another week.

Then after that what are your goals. Do you want a girl friend? That is EASY.
* Inside a month and a half

Do you want to be having sex with women the same day you meet them whenever you want.
* This takes a little longer.

Your course has specific goals and steps and accomplishments. BUT different guys will want to achieve different levels of mastery which will take different amounts of time.

If you take my course for 1 year you will be able to pick up women and have sex with them the same day on a regular basis.

If you want to marry a Paris Hilton, or Jessica Alba, Etc… You will want to stick in for our advanced lessons. These are for guys who wish to make sure these skills stays with them for life. It will put them far beyond the skills of the average pickup instructor that would take you for face-to-face workshops.

In fact, it will put most of them to shame.

As long as you want to be a “PICK UP ARTIST” and continually improve your skills you will want to stay in the program. At the highest levels it is about brainstorming and working with other Pickup Artists and doing some AMAZING runs and pickups in exotic locations.

And at higher levels it becomes more about being the kind of man that you want to and building your lifestyle. Keep in mind too that our company as well as our competitors use the good students from this program as a hiring ground for finding their new instructors.

So as far as how long is the program. That depends on you.

BUT… On average if you want to be able to easily meet hot women and have sex with them the same day it takes from 2 months to 1 year depending on several factors.

1. Your starting level. Are you comfortable with women now or do you have trouble making eye contact with your bank teller?

2. Your motivation. Let’s say that next week you get a lovely girlfriend who fucks you brains out every night. Well…. The desire to go do approaches kind of goes down.

3. Your time. Do you work 18 hour days and can only do approaches during your lunch hour. Well…. It might take you a while to get to where you can have sex with a woman the same hour as you meet her during lunch if you can ONLY practice during lunch.

4. Your teachability. Do you take instructions well or do you have to fail repeatedly in your own way before you can try a new way. This is common and not a problem ONCE you master he 4 rules you WILL change your methods BUT you do need to KNOW the rules before you can break them.

5. Most importantly how far do you want to take it? Do you just want to build report and attraction with women when you meet them? Do you want to have sex with a new 10 every day? Are you going after your local hotties or are you going after supermodels and movie stars.

NOTE: Movie stars and Models are NOT hard to get. They are women and have the same triggers as other women. You just need to build your confidence so that you are not intimidated by them and you have to BE where they are physically. It is easier to pick up a movie star in HOLLYWOOD then it is in Topeka Kansas.

In short, I cannot answer that question because I do not know what YOUR definition of success is. Personally I’d settle for nothing less than having a perfect 10 girlfriend who I wouldn’t swap for ANYONE else in the world….and I currently have that, her name is Soe and you’ll see her comments in your lessons.

Q. I want to skip ahead lessons, how does that work and why am I charged?
You will see buttons in the welcome page, lessons list and lessons themselves providing you with this functionality. It’s very simple but here we’re still going to go into a lot of detail just to make sure everyone is clear.

You have been signed up to our site using a PayPal subscription, think of this as a membership fee for our site. Each payment entitles you to your 4 lessons (once weekly) and all the other benefits and free tools, forms and games on our site.

Part of PayPal’s security is that this is a contract between us and we can’t alter this subscription so we need to consider a “Skip Ahead” as a $19.95 charge to your account. Doing this, in effect ADDS ANOTHER LESSON TO THE 4 YOU’VE ALREADY PAID FOR with your membership fee. So you still have paid for the 4, this is just adding a 5th lesson for this month and the benefit of this is you will get it instantly.

So, when you receive the second month of lessons (Lessons 6-10) and you “skip ahead” that in effect will mean you now have lessons (6-11) and the weekly lesson delivery will continue as normal. So if in the same week you automatically receive lesson 6 and decide you need to skip ahead to lesson 7 and 8 on the same week then you will automatically receive lesson 9 the week after. If you didn’t skip ahead you would receive lesson 7 the next week as normally planned.

Q. Do my lessons expire?
In short, no. Hell no.

As a member of Seduce In Seconds you will have unlimited access to all your past lessons. They won’t disappear because we provide you with an online lesson library for you. This is also called a “Lesson List” and will show you all your past lessons.

Also these older lessons are not useless, they ARE updated if new information, strategies and processes evolve. This is quite common, what we teach is very specific and as society grows and changes even slightly we can often give you little updates as to our developments of quicker and faster ways to pickup.

Currently we have over 100 instructors worldwide teaching, trying and testing new things. We never let ourselves fall behind so you are always at the top of your game.

Q. Do you accept Western Union money transfers?
Nope. This is an online course where you’re meant to leave once you have gotten the results you are striving for. A “one off payment” usually sees you pay more than you need to for the course as you currently won’t know how fast or slow you learn.
Q. Does your company offer DVDs or books that I can learn from without having to connect to the internet every time I want to learn something?
We do have all these products. T has authored books on dating and the game as well as previously having DVDs and Audio courses.
Q. Why is the balance of $79.80 bucks withdrawn from my pay pal account automatically each month?
After the trial month the lessons are $19.95 each, each month there’s 4 lessons so 4 x $19.95 = $79.80.

Yes this is an automatic payment, if your funds are lacking the payment will “Fail” and PayPal will send you a message and reprocess this within 2-3 days time. If it fails again you will be removed from the course.

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes however our applications have currently closed; this is an exclusive product with lucrative re-sell rights. Currently if you’re interested in being an affiliate please email admin@seduceinseconds.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with “AFFILIATE” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you when there’s an opening.
Q. If I am dissatisfied how do I cancel payments?
PayPal puts through the charges, not us. This way your security is assured. To stop this follow the directions in the “My Account” section of your user panel.
Q. How is the pace of the program set?
The standard pace is one lesson a week. This works for most men as it gives them time to effectively do the exercises provided without disregarding them and becoming a keyboard jockey or “information whore”.

We have very strict guidelines about people who linger on our site who just learn the theory and don’t do the practice. This will not help your progress and we do often remove these people ourselves. We enjoy taking your money when you get results, that’s what you pay for. Not information. We find it unethical to charge you if we feel you’re slacking because that means you obviously are not ready to start making a real concerted effort to change your lifestyle.

Wow…harsh answer to a nice question ey?

Q.How do you deliver your course and how can this be better than a face-to-face in person bootcamp?
We have DVDs, we have books, we have audio courses. And we refuse to ever sell them on this site again. Their content was amazing but they were not conducive to learning. In short, all those products, regardless of how amazing their content is, do not help your learning. They are ineffective mediums by which to improve.

This is the whole purpose of the Seduce In Seconds online bootcamp. I’ve created a system by which men can get the exact same effectiveness from this specialized online bootcamp as they do from my face-to-face boot-camps ($18,000 for 4 weeks of intensive learning) but at a fraction of the cost.

I have taken in-person boot-camps for some of the largest pickup companies around including my own company teaching the Seduce In Seconds process. What I realized is that one intensive weekend gets amazing results…which don’t last. People get psyched up, uber-motivated and get ridiculously awesome results. But then two months pass and they no longer have me there to “psyche them up”, to motivate them to go open hot women and then they need another workshop and then another $18,000 gets blown on short term results.

I am sick and tired of people blowing cash on in-person workshops with other companies (who do have some good in-person workshops) but then, despite and “amazing workshop” still can’t approach and implement what they’ve learned.

This course is a specialized and tested mix of explanatory videos, in field footage, mini-eBooks (lessons), easy and effective exercises, diagrams and audio additions. In addition the consistency of your learning will keep this fresh in your mind for months and instill it within you as part of your normal mode of operation within the world.

In other words, do what I say and you won’t need to think about these things. You won’t need more workshops because this will all be ingrained into your personality without making you a robot who needs to wrote-learn pre-prepared lines. It is the permanent solution that has rendered results that far surpass 2 days of live workshops, eBooks, DVDs or audio courses.

I’ve taught these courses for these companies and to sell you a “2 day dating solution that will last you a lifetime” is simply bullshit. They will help you but the results won’t last unless you are consistently re-affirming this knowledge at your own pace over a period of weeks.

Q. Does this work for older guys?
So your 52, newly divorced, starting life over and hitting a dating scene which is very different to what it was a few years back. You never thought you would need help and you did quite alright in your younger days but now you’re in the deep end slowly sinking and you’re just getting older.

I don’t need to ask if it sounds familiar because it’s all too common for men over 30 who start to think “this may work on stupid 22 year olds but women of my vintage won’t fall for this”.

That’s simply wrong.

Our older customer is 67, he’s engaged to a 32 year old air hostess. He’s not wealthy, he’s not young and he’s no Brad Pitt.

Question answered.

Q. What will show up on my bill?
“Seduce In Seconds” won’t show up on your credit card bill so don’t freak out about your girlfriend or mother finding it. All that will show up on your bank or credit statements is a transfer of money to your PayPal account.

Secondly your Pay Pal account will show ‘T’s Education’ on it. This is a nice discreet way of keeping your business with us private.

Q. Can I share my account with my friends?
Well you can try but understand we have monitors on our systems that flag multiple IP address logins along with a wide variety of other technical security measures.

This will breach our terms of use and see you banned from our site and other pickup sites very quickly.

Q. My videos aren’t working
We check all our videos daily to ensure they’re working, the reasons this is the case can often be due to a few things:

  1. Some versions of Internet Explorer can’t handle embedded videos. You don’t need to buy a Mac though, the Mozilla Firefox browser often fixes this and you can get it here www.getfirefox.com
  2. You need to update your Flash Player, you can do that here: www.flash.com
  3. Your internet connection is weak either because you’re using dialup or your modem / router needs to be reset