Fun Tactic To Use: Disqualifiers In Flirting

July 3, 2015


  • Fly Under the Radar
  • Play a Matchmaking Game To Show Your Positive Traits
  • Understand the Disqualifier Technique
  • Special Tip

Question:Why are you talking to this woman in the bar sitting next to you?
Answer:You want to get laid.
Question:What do you think is going through her mind as to why you are here?
Answer:That you want to get laid.

 Fly Under the Radar

Your goal is to fly under the radar the whole time. You can disqualify yourself as a potential suitor when you feel that the girl has an inkling too early on in the interaction that your intentions are things other than teddy bears and watching Desperate Housewives. You need to make them feel the same safety they have when they are with a married man. They know he is a neutralized threat so they give him a greater chance.

Women instinctively are hardwired not to be used by men. This whole need for security, fidelity and legitimacy stems back to our tribal day where a woman would need a man to help her hunt, protect her from animals and ultimately survive. If a woman kept sleeping with men, having many illegitimate children and have to take care of both them and herself, with no man around she would not last. Further on in the interaction you SHOULD make your intentions known but only after they have shown some signs within themselves that tell you they are into you (asking you questions, body language, complimenting you, laughing, etc).

 Play a Matchmaking Game To Show Your Positive Traits

Disqualifiers come in all shapes and sizes though some are more potent and playful than others and they can be seen as a form of flirting. One gambit you can do is playfully point out another guy who would be “a good match for her”. You can do this in any situation where there is a guy nearby who would be far from her type. It can come across as malicious at times if you point out a guy who is very obese or unkempt. Usually I like to pick some big biker guy or one of those real sleaze bags in clubs who are dripping with gold and have way too much hair gel.

Alternatively, you can pick an average / normal looking chap for her and actually go up and introduce her to him. Stupid? No. With your newfound social skills you can easily continue to dominate the conversation and be the alpha male of the group even when you introduced some new competition. Even if the guy turns out to be a little bit of work he will be caught so off guard that unless he is a extremely social savvy he will not know what hit him. If you do feel he is making too much of a positive contribution to the conversation you can just say “We’ll it was nice talking to you mate, we’re going to head off to the dance floor / our friends / the bedroom”.

The purpose is for you not only to demonstrate that you can stand up to the competition but the competition is no match for you. 90% of the time the guy will be so floored that this hot girl just fell right into his lap that his brain will freeze and the conversation will get boring and awkward.

Understand the Disqualifier Technique

This will be the perfect contrast to your charismatic effervescence. One of the most potent disqualifiers I have come across entails giving the target a reason (relating to something they have said or done) as to why you cannot be together. The catch? This reason will be a positive thing, yet for some reason you are saying it is almost too good to have it in your relationship.

For instance, the woman may make you laugh. You can say: “You see, this is why we could never be together, you’d be a bad influence. Could you imagine us at a funeral? It would never work, we’d be laughing so hard at each others bullshit that we’d wake the dead. You’re cute but you ain’t worth no zombies”. This line incorporates a fair amount of push pull into it and can really frazzle their systems. On one hand you are saying you cannot be together (which reduces their defenses and helps you fly under the radar) whilst you are listing a very important positive. To them it makes no sense, keep in mind that if they cannot figure you out, you are then mysterious: a very attractive trait.

You can literally use a disqualifier about anything ranging from her sneezing to her touching you. You say why you would not work and then make her imagine a situation which you over dramatize e.g. ‘we would never work, I’d want to go out and party and you won’t be able to drive me home. You will be sneezing us into other cars!’ Lame but highly effective. Remember, use disqualifiers if you feel she knows what you are up to or if you need to create more attraction. If she is already all over you then just relax, have a burrito and roll with the punches.

Fast Flirting Tip

Here is a great and fast flirting tip: pull a disqualifier on them as you are hugging them. It can be a quick one liner and does not have to be as long winded as the first one e.g. If the girl is brunette you can comment playfully “If only you were blonde”. This is the most effective disqualifier I use. It incorporates both verbal and physical push / pull elements. Verbally you list a positive (pull) but then disqualify it (negative) all done whilst hugging her (physical pull). To learn more about disqualifiers and other great techniques go to:  

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