Hidden Cam: How to Approach and Attract Two Women at Once During the Day Off The Street

September 4, 2016

How do you pick up two women walking down the street during the day?

Picking up in Australia is one thing and in America it’s another, but Europe and the Middle East have some of the most forthright, macho guys I’ve ever encountered.

I have to admit I feel a little guilty about talking to these girls…

I’ve been neglecting YOU since I’ve been on my World Tour teaching people in over 16 countries how to Seduce In Seconds using my four simple principles. In case you’re new to the site, they pervade every saucy blog post in which I practically explain how to pick up women in seconds.

So to make it up to you and also to bitch slap the haters who think “Aussie girls are sluts, of course he can pick them up,” I’ve decided to actually prove to you how effectively these principles work. The BIGGEST haters by far are the people who can’t stand the fact that if I don’t like the look of a friend of theirs (not sexually, I just mean they look like serious obstacles), I would rather just ignore them and get in and out of there ASAP before they even get the chance to reject me.

You see, I LOVE direct-game

This is when I go up to women and say exactly why I’m there right from the beginning whilst being totally unapologetic about wanting to hide the sausage with them. It works because guys rarely do this so it’s counter-intuitive. Outside of Australia, though, things are different… very different.

Doing workshops in Hungary, Spain, Poland, Israel and Greece made a few things apparent to me. Many cultures around the world are filled with men a lot more direct and macho than those back in my home country of Australia, so going “direct” (e.g. “Stop, hang on a sec, you’re seriously so captivating that I need to introduce myself or I think I’ll just go to sleep tonight kicking myself”) is something these women hear all the time.

So what’s the alternative to direct game when everyone else is using it?

Well, the alternative is indirect game, something I hate not because it doesn’t work but because it’s slower for most guys and has a lower success rate for beginners). The reason is because so many guys fear they’ll be caught using “canned,” or pre-prepared, material and start tripping balls because they feel dishonest and sleazy hiding the secret, “Does she really know why I am here? Can she see through my lame small talk and realize that I’m actually here to pick her up?”

Direct conversation starters get this awkwardness out of the way quickly, removing this anxiety. Fortunately you can still get the benefits of direct game without using a direct opener. On a similar note, direct openers often seem a bit weird when they’re done with another friend standing there as you’re really obviously leaving her out. It is easier in a group situation of three or more people because you can just borrow the girl for a moment and promise to “give her right back in 2 minutes,” instantly isolating (something I explain in my online course for approaching girls in groups).

But who wants to wait for the right time to approach? Seduce In Seconds is all about seeing what you want and taking it quickly and simply. So, in this video I’ve provided even more in-depth explanations of what I’m doing and why so that you can go out, try this today and hopefully never have to read my blog again.

So, how do you stand out in a crowd?

Here I needed to instantly differentiate myself from the other two guys I saw approach these cuties a few minutes before,  but I also didn’t want to beat around the bush as to why I was there, so I “stacked” my openers. I combined a situational opener to get myself in there: “I’m here to steal your handbag, motherfucker,” for counter-intuitiveness; with a direct opener for speed and to demonstrate instant confidence: “I had to stop. I think your friend’s really cute.” The best part of this is that the opener is used on the obstacle (her friend) because no friend would EVER want to look like a bitch by saying, “No, she’s NOT cute, she’s an animal.”

The key to attracting two women at once is to leverage social proof to your advantage.

This way you force what would be an obstacle (the friend) into working for you by giving you social proof. You get HER permission by talking up her friend because she will never talk her down. She’d rather let you pick up her friend and agree with you that she’s beautiful than look bitter.

That’s the key to approaching two women, a dynamic which, in my opinion, is one of the hardest combinations as the friend can’t just go talk to someone else. They either stay or they leave you two alone for some “special time” and during day game this happens often as they just pretend to go look in a store or be on their phone.


Setting the preconditions for a threesome is also a fine art. I often neglect this one because there’s just a higher chance you’ll blow out with the one “sure thing” than go and pull both of them. This case was a bit different. Even though I met these Dutch girls in Spain, my Netherlands tour combined with my simple seduction process gave me everything for which I’d hoped 🙂 I’ll let you fill in the gaps (I’m a keen gap filler myself).

What this video will do for you!

This video will seriously help you approach women and grasp how to use a situational opener to avoid looking like all the overly sleazy guys, who poorly go open direct so often that they usually ruin it for all of us.

The tips are just the beginning. To do this all easily and confidently check out my 28 lesson online course, now with mentoring from me personally in our VIP Members area. This course includes the only things you’ll ever need to know about picking up women quickly and simply. Check it out HERE

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Don’t think they ‘befriended’ him. In fact if you pay attention to their body language, you can tell their excitment. You’re quite right, he could have teased more, and kino’d a bit more too. But this is something he could have built up when he met them again.

guys don’t loose your time with this shit anything on internet can be faked even this stupid video!!! the most beautiful girls around would kick your ass mister lover!!!

don’t buy that shit guys

Where is th evideo. so annoying to read stuff that makes no sense without the video to back it up with

I just saw the video and wanted to ask you if you get a lot of flakes? Because your “game”-style is similar to mine.

greets peter

These past days ive been reading yr website i found it very helpful but im only 17 in highschool
i cant get myself to talk to a girl your advice was helpful allot but at my age its different ever since
i moved from Australia i cant approach any girl i don’t now what to talk about with them or don’t know
how to approach them.. theirs this girl in my class i really like i bet she doesn’t even know my name
im a good looking person but i cant manage to get a girlfriend please i need your advice…

Lolll, you`re playing too much on the comedy card here.
You`ll pass as a comedian. They allready “befriended” you… getting lays out of this is gonna be hard as fuck.

You should go less dancing monkey and be more of a mysterious lover.
But hey, everybody has their own style I guess.

one more thing, same situation but your at a resturant sitting down and at separate tables???

Hey T,
Great site, just found it about a week ago. learning alot. I have a question for you, how do you make a judgement call on the group setting??? let me explain, I have watched this video and the video where you kissed a girl in under 12 minutes. Now in this video you didn’t pull the target away to use your direct and situational opener, you kept them together and delivered the situational opener to the target, but then used the direct opener on the obstacle (her friend). Now I’m guessing that the reason you didn’t separate the two girls is because that they have already been approached and probably would have made for a weird setting pulling the target away. unlike in the (kissing video) where you asked for 2 seconds to talk to her. But now going back to my question, say you see two maybe three girls together, now you could approach them as a group or do you pull the target aside (knowing that no other guys have made an attempt to approach, if that was the reason in the video)??? oh btw, I have not done the on-line course yet, but plan to.


so u’re not a qualified lawyer. dont act like u’re ffs.

u just failed life and go around dating girls trying to make u forget how pathetic a loser u are.

Get a life kiddo.

lol you almost sad “T@sedu…”

if you were a freshman, how would i do these to girls my grade?

Hi T, I’m french and I follow this site since a while now, and I’ve always have the same problem: I can’t fully understand what is said in your videos. So, I’m asking you if you could subtitles them (I’m not sure but I think there is a subtitle function on Youtube), it would be REALLY helpful for me, and also for others non-english visitors who read/see you I guess.

Thanks, and respect!

Hey, master jedi, i know u were a lawyer and u must have been thru the situation i am in now.
months ago in the summer, i tried what u taught me to approach older women in the clubs (see above)
and it’s totally working.

But i’m now in a law school like u did, the work load is way too heavy and I know u’ve been there. While I live in the dorm, i usually only have the time to open girls while i am travelling down the lift from 15/F to Ground Floor.. well i usually succeed and i can get their numbers (I know it’s easier to approach ppl from the same uni and the same dorm).. But then I usually fail to get them to eat with me just in the canteen. (I think u know law students can only afford like an hour to be in a nearby canteen for lunch/dinner…and u won’t have the time to text to and fro with 5 targets at a time before u date them out)… I usually just send them “had ur lunch/dinner yet?” (as my very first msg) and then they would most likely say “I’m not hungry or I had it already”.. turning me down in other words..

I just want to avoid all the failure-proof step-by-step methods suggested by David DeAngelo and make it very causal. Because I often see ppl here around the dorm taking girls out for dinner so causally… and so at ease…(P.S. the girls reside in the dorm too) and i’m sure they dunno the David DeAngelo’s stuff and your stuff at all… How does that work? And why can’t I just make it so causal like I am asking a guy friend out to eat together?….
Which part of the puzzle am i missing, master jedi?

Could u please kindly advice?

Aug 16th reply to ben:

I have no problem sleeping with girls, am in the high 70’s by now. My problem is having a relationship with a girl who I really like, and to last for a long time. That’s the hard part for me, how to do that without all the work involved in keeping a girl interested?.

As for sleeping with girls, I highly recommend being very calm, cool, and seductive. They will try to throw you off your game by saying “Oh! what are you doing?!” (in a shocked weirded out tone) or “No sexy sexy on the first date”.., but I like to call these TESTS, girls throw these out all the time, they’ll question you or make fun of you, or do something to put you off your game…The trick is not falling for it, and turning it around in your favor. Respond by being cool, calm, seductive, and purposeful.. If she asks you why you are rubbing her thigh, tell her “it looked lonely and needed my warm hands for comfort”.. putting out the cool vibe, as if you’ve done it a hundred times. Smile. foreplay is great to lead to sex, sexual tension is great also. Don’t listen to what girls say, but more on what their body language says. I feel women will try to always test you on whether you can tell the difference between what their body language is saying and what they are verbally saying (and it turns them on when you read their mysterious body language code over their verbal language barrier builder), and they test YOUR body language to see if it’s in accordance with what you are verbally Saying (if they both are not in agreement, she will get thrown off and weirded out)… So don’t listen to her when she whispers “no” yet she’s breathing heavily in your arms, heart beating fast… respond “I know we shouldn’t, this is wrong.. but it’s extremely exciting and I can’t help myself.” Touch her in all the spots that are not her private parts or boobs until you are ready to make the next move and get sexual. Also, consider things come up for girls, like periods, yeast infections, std outbreak, who knows.. the thing I’ve noticed is that with sex, one day a girl will be turned on, the next she won’t. I don’t know if it has to do with the stars and the planets or not, but I like to think of it as windows of opportunity that enter your world. If you don’t grab your balls and be a man, your opportunity will pass you by. I can’t even remember the last time a girl put the moves on me to get me in bed, so don’t count on that happening as an option. Peace bro n good luck..

Hey T appreciate you helping all the guys out there.You seem genuine and come across as a guy who wants to help all the other frustrated guys out there.Iwill surely try this technique of yours.Im a really attractive guy as all other( comments i get from people).One thing abt it is that people just asume that you have a GF and ur game is tight..U noe all that is true and u noe who u are at the end of the day.Im very religious and go out every single day after work.Mostly practice durng day(i work night shifts).My issue is in approaching consistently.I have never tried approaching direct cos of all the BS that i have read all the PU guys advocating.I will surely try this technique and report back.I will going forward try the direct method of yours.What attracted me abt your methos is that is saves a lot of time and cuts through all teh unnecessary bullshit!!!!.I hope you can resppond and give some tips on how to approach consistenly.Thanks once again for introcing a channel and appreaciate all teh effort your putting in mate.all the best.This mesg is coming all the way from india by the way.

I live in Odessa, TX and I was practicing this game for about six months before I got a girlfriend in 2008 and then everything just blew up in my face this past year. The thing is she wasn’t a quick pick up and it wasn’t a normal close as I worked with her at a swimming pool so it took me about a month and a half, but all of the skills that I learned from picking up women (being confident, the push pull factor, how to out do the competition, etc…) helped me a shit load. My point is I feel like being in a serious relationship for that long has kept me from practicing my skills and I need to practice them again so I won’t let any opportunity pass me up-the thing is I could really use some help man.

You are so funny… It is energising watching you work your magic… if I bumped into you in the street I’d definitely want to be a part of that..

if a girl wippes out her cell phone when u walk by is that like some kind of IOI like when i girl brushes her hair bac with her hand??

I would like you to accuse me .. I am 16 so just bare with me ..
.. I have watched your videos, read your ideas .. And i am astonished

I was a bit of a failure with girls .. Now everything has changed .. The 4 core princples is the greatest and simplest way to get to the girl you want … It works everytime … Atleast once you get used to it ..

However .. In the middle east .. Its a bit diffrent .. It takes more time, and in rare times , i fail .. Because girls worry about there reputation .. Talking to them in public gives them an instant feeling of inscurety .. They would prefer to be unseen ..

most men here would follow them for hours .. Until hopefully she would lead them somewhere confortable for her .. At this point .. The man would give her a smile saying im intrested .. And the girl would then decide to give him her number on paper .. This is the normal way .. One i dont follow

what im expecting .. Is ideas on what to do .. And how to approuch

many thanks ..

Hey T,
i wonder if it is neccesary to use compliments like “you are cute and that’s why I came here to say hi” I have been reading your posts since 2009 and learned fiew things like playfullnes and counter intuitivenes and often use them to pick up girls at bar,street etc. but never started with that kind of comment. Although I am going well in convesations I am not so fast. do you think this compliment will make sb faster? BTW sorry for my bad english I am from greece(you visited us) and I wonder how easy do you think greek girls can be picked up? In comparison with other countries like spain and australia are greek easier? Chees mate waiting your aply:-)

You’re damn pro, come down to brissie and teach me PLEASE bruv!!

hi t! ive got this girl in my class that im really into and i think she pretty into me to.
we have been flirting for a while but i really cant get to “that next step”

got any advice on what to do next?:)

Hey, T –

I’ve been doing a lot of on-line reading about speed seduction from a variety of sources, and just ran across your site last night, via YouTube. Your material has really clicked with me – it’s very much like my own style, and fits what I do like a glove. A lot of other stuff on the Web just doesn’t fit who I am and seems fake; I thought it was just discomfort at learning new things, but I don’t feel that way about your material. I was about to sign up for your on-line courses when I realized that all I’ve seen here is the approach part, the stuff that takes you up to a kiss or a number close. That’s not where I have problems, though!

I have no problem approaching women (although I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes that you cover here, and am learning to correct those); usually, I end up doing lots of touching, get numbers (figured out the “hand her the phone” method on my own – hah! :), and usually get a kiss or three in the course of an evening. My problems all start after that point, where I’m trying to get a woman into bed with me. I’m not a complete idiot at this, but I feel like I don’t have any control over what happens beyond that point! That’s where I really, really need help – and all I’ve seen in your videos, write-ups, explanations, and so on is how to do approaches.

Can your course help me? And can you maybe provide some suggestions in the meantime? I’d really appreciate that. Thanks in advance.

They got his info and pictures just incase he does rob them

Nise video.1 question are you intersted 2 come in ITALY ROME 4 SEDUSE GIRLS IN ITALY

cool dude when are u coming to ireland

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