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The Push / Pull Technique and How To Use it to Attract Women

Feb 07 2017

Ever wondered why women loose interest in you? Read this article to learn about being indifferent and using the Push and Pull technique.

Creating Attraction – The Basics (25min MP3)

Dec 01 2016

Jonathan Sankey on Love Bytes talking about Seduce In Seconds.Jonathan Sankey on Love Bytes talking about Seduce In Seconds.

Don’t Know What To Say? 3 Essential Tips for Having Conversations With Women

Aug 26 2016

If you are serious about improving your conversational skills read this article. I bring you the grab technique that makes it possible to create interesting conversations out of boring topics.

How To Get A Date With Minimal Rejection: The First Call

Jul 01 2016

Are you nervous about making the first call? Stop worrying and start reading this article.

How to Keep A Conversation Interesting On a Date

Jul 07 2015

You have problems connecting with the girl? Try adding Personal Broad Experiences to the conversation!

Keep Them Guessing With Takeaway Technique

Jun 05 2015

Improve your seduction skills. Click this to find out about takeaway technique and 3 example situations!