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Keep Them Guessing With Takeaway Technique

Jun 05 2015

Improve your seduction skills. Click this to find out about takeaway technique and 3 example situations!

Using Persuasion Techniques On Women

Jun 02 2015

Did you know that people react differently depending on how you frame your message? Learn how to use psychological framing to make you better with the ladies.

Being Counterintuitive: How to get women instantly more attracted to you

May 22 2015

Being counterintuitive is the way to go when communicating with women. In this post you will learn to become better communicator through 3 easy examples.

The 8 Characteristics You Need to Demonstrate to Attract Women

May 15 2015

Have you ever wondered why men who have nothing going for them can attract hot women? We explore how you can create greater attraction in women with your mouth rather than your looks (or your wallet) with the 8 characteristics women look for in attractive men.Learn how to change your mind, to change your appearance.