The 8 Characteristics You Need to Demonstrate to Attract Women

May 15, 2015


  • Attraction Just Works Differently Than You Might Think
  • The 8 Traits That Are Going to Help You!
  • Go and Practice Them

Attraction Just Works Differently Than You Might Think

Have you ever wondered why men who have nothing going for them can attract hot women? (And no, paying for the drinks is not the correct answer.) Have you ever seen a beautiful woman with an average looking guy? He may have been bald, losing his hair, short, fat with a third arm growing out of his forehead and strangely enough he is still able to have a smoking little bunny as a girlfriend or FB (friend with benefits). This is because attraction is created in our minds by what society tells us is attractive.

Take a look at any paintings done over 200 years ago. The women are, by contemporary standards, overweight, pasty and plain. No one now is attracted to that because society’s perceptions of what is attractive have changed. Ultimately “beauty” is a social construct which is subject to change. Regardless of your looks you can create attraction with the woman you are interested in (the target). Just as society tells us what is attractive we can concurrently reprogram women to see us as attractive, as attraction is purely mental.

A smooth talker will always trump a boring model. Demonstrate that you are of a higher value than other men, make efforts to differentiate yourself and no matter what you look like you can change how you are perceived. In other words, women will choose you over any other man if they perceive you have something they do not.

The 8 Traits That Are Going to Help You!

Value is something which is considered of high worth by another; it is subjective and differs from individual to individual. A valuable trait which is attractive to one person may not be as attractive to another; however there is a set of traits which are universally attractive to 98% of women worldwide. Strangely enough attraction is all about conveying the following traits subtly:

• Confidence

• Creativity

• Dominance

• Humor

• Intelligence

• Leadership

• Social skills

• Survival Instincts

You can appear to have the trait by emulating someone who demonstrates it effectively. Acting does come into play and you will need to push yourself to say and act in ways you would not usually do.

Go and Practice Them

You will end up perfecting these traits depending on what you feel you can adapt to, and your increased success with women will affirm in your mind that you want these traits to become part of your personality. If you appear dominant as you are flirting with them, people will perceive you as a dominant person and allow you to take charge and lead; the same is applicable with the rest of the traits. Your beliefs are contagious, if you think they will work then they will.

I can help you work on convincing yourself of this in my Online Dating Course for Men where we will also discuss some tactics to help you manage low-confidence and anxiety. A more simplistic exercise is to observe people who possess some of the above traits and take note of how they act and interact with others. How do others treat him? Is he respected? Or charismatic? Most importantly can you see yourself possessing these traits even if it means making a conscious effort to improve?

The aim of these articles is to change you for the better. You need to be able to recognize that the traits that make up “you” are either not working when it comes to seduction or they are masked by emotions such as fear or other insecurities. Go check out my Online Dating Course for Men:

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