Blueprint To Self-confidence: 4 Techniques That Will Improve Your Approach

July 17, 2015


  • Importance of The First Three Minutes of The Approach
  •  The Guinea Pig Technique: Proven Way To Reduce Your Anxiety
  •  The Female Friend Technique: Increase Self-confidence by Visualization
  • The Cameron Diaz Technique: How to Convey Exclusivity
  • The Best Friend Technique: Another Great Way To Boost Self-confidence

Importance of The First Three Minutes of The Approach

Women will decide their attraction for you within the first 3 minutes, which is why we will be briefing in detail on this crucial period of time. Below are some of my own techniques I used to help me with my anxiety.

The Guinea Pig Technique: Proven Way To Reduce Your Anxiety

When you start your night make your first four approaches groups of people who are merely test-subjects. They can be anyone you are not attracted to and their sole purpose is to get you warmed up and reduce your anxiety. You will be more confident if you are not intimidated by intimidated by looks and less attractive girls appear more approachable and less pretentious. You can even start by approaching all-guy sets or moving into a warm-set (someone you know or have been introduced to).

The aim is to concentrate on the conversation rather than their looks and to get your brain into conversation mode. If you are still nervous think of them as your guinea pigs: an experiment in which no importance is placed on the outcome. This mindset will help you dehumanize the people who intimidate you and will help you get over their looks.

You will often find that you feel more free, more confident and will often end up gaining attraction from the guinea pigs which often provides a good ego boost for when you go and approach women you are actually interested in.

The Female Friend Technique: Increase Self-confidence by Visualization

Try to visualize, whilst talking to her, that she is something or someone that is unintimidating. One of the most common applications of this comes in the form of visualizing they are someone you do not find attractive. A lot of men like to imagine a female friend of theirs who is purely platonic. If she tests your frame e.g. “don’t think you’re getting lucky tonight” respond how you would to your visualized character e.g. “ah that’s so adorable, you think I want to have sex with you, you’re a funny one you know that?”

The Cameron Diaz Technique: How To Convey Exclusivity

This technique is in the same vein as the above however it has the additional benefits of helping convey exclusivity and coming across as confident rather than needy. When out, imagine you have Cameron Diaz (or whoever your ideal woman would be) waiting for you, in bed, at home. If you get nervous in a club, picture that image of her in your bed; just make sure not to over stimulate yourself (there’s nothing more needy than an erection).

Think to yourself: “I don’t need the acceptance of these women as I have a perfectly good one at home waiting for me”. You can trick yourself into having that magic attraction married men carry, they are carefree and more uninhibited around women because they know at the end of the night they have a sure thing waiting at home. In reality water based lubricants will till do you just fine.

The Best Friend Technique: Another Great Way To Boost Self-confidence

Try to visualize the woman as if they were one of your best / oldest girlfriends (not the romantic kind). You find that you will take bitchy comments as funny rather than offensive and will feel more uninhibited and natural when you talk to the woman. A situation is only awkward if you make it awkward. And how do you make it not awkward? By believing everything is fine. The way you can change these beliefs is both by not caring (making them guinea pigs) or acting as if your interaction is just a normal conversation without any hidden agenda.

It is essential with your interactions that you have the belief that the girl wants you. It may be hard to believe at first but keep reminding yourself that she wants you and train yourself to see *everything* she does as an indicator of interest (IOI) towards you. Did she touch you? Is she listening to you? Did she bite her bottom lip? She wants you, she wants you, she wants you. Charisma Arts instructor Judson was telling me about a workshop he took where the woman his client was talking to had her arms crossed.

The client ejected from the set to Judson’s dismay. When asked why he left, the client said “look at her body language, she wasn’t into me. Her arms were all crossed”. Judson was floored, he was adamant the woman was in-fact squeezing her arms together to subtly emphasize her small cleavage as all her other body language was very positive.

The moral of the story is, even if you are not sure what she is doing, unless you get a “fuck off”, stick in there as long as you are still interested in playing hide the sausage. And if you really want to increase your self-confidence with women, you should check out my Online Dating Course for Men: With the secret lessons provided there, you are guaranteed to have a better love life.

Now that you have read this article, you know that there are ways to make you feel more confident. And if you are serious about improving self-confidence, you will check out my Online Dating Course for Men today, because I can’t teach everything effectively in articles. In Online Dating Course for Men you find exclusive video material that will help you to imply my concepts in real life.

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