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How to Kiss A Girl

man kisses girl while in handcuffs
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T putting this into action in a well known Sydney bar with an exotic dancer (handcuffs included).

Kissing – A Step By Step Guide For Men

By the end of this article you will have a basic understanding of how to kiss a girl, get rid of your first kiss nerves and lock in a successful snog. The process of how to kiss a woman that you are about to learn has been tested over three hundred times and has been used for over five years by top dating and etiquette coaches. It’s important when learning how to kiss a woman to recognize the physical signs. You do not have to be a human genius to calculate what body language means. Often it is as simple as reminding yourself to be aware of her body signals and knowing a few key signs.

client3 How to Kiss A Girl

Seduce In Seconds student Peter with Sophie, a girl he picked up at Establishment bar in Sydney on one of our recent workshops.

How do you know when to kiss her?

The biting of the bottom lip or even the slight licking of the lip is often done subconsciously. This is great for an aspiring kisser to know as it is one of the most obvious and potent signs you can get. When both men and women get attracted and physically aroused the blood rushes to a few key regions: the lips, the genitalia and the breasts. These are evolutionary hardwires that we’ve retained from millions of years ago that make it just as easy for a male to sense if a woman is in heat as the rest of animal kingdom.

When learning how to kiss a girl these signs become very important. Unlike animals we can’t just drop our pants and compare our bits around nightclubs until something bites. We can simply only work with the lips, where blood flows when aroused. They then tingle slightly because of the rush of blood into them,  which expands them and makes us bite them slightly to dissipate the blood and the tingling feeling. Be careful when using this indicator, however, as our tests have shown that it can be flagged at mealtimes and if there are multiple potential suitors interacting with the target.

The signs to look for when a girl wants you

There are another four signs of which to take note when learning how to kiss a girl: Preening rituals, posture, eye contact and types of physical escalation. All four are too in-depth to discuss here. However, you will need to be aware that physical escalation is the key to the brief process you’re going to learn. Physical escalation rarely lies. If you know how to build upon your physical contact, consistently increasing your advances from a touch on the hand, a hug, a hand on the leg or even a stroke of the face you’re getting people more comfortable with your “intimate zone.”

Staying in the intimate zone

Your “intimate zone” is not some vague concept that requires you to open yourself to Buddha’s sacred energies. Quite simply it is an established psychological principle researched by Allan Pease who states that there are three zones of face-to-face interaction: the antisocial zone (approximately two meters away from your target), the social zone (50 centimeters to one meter) and the intimate zone (less than 500 centimeters).

People aren’t usually comfortable having people to whom they’re not attracted or with whom they have little rapport into their intimate zone. This is exactly what we’ve taught at seduceinseconds.com for five years. Assuming you have something mentioned above going in your favor is all you need to be successful kiss-wise. Get her used to you being in her intimate zone. We have a video on our site which shows just how I entered a girl’s intimate zone by acting as if I wanted to say something quietly in her ear. This is a very basic trick that works above all the others for because her view of you is then altered. Moving in to “tell her something” reduces the distance between you two from the intimate zone to the seduction zone, which is less than 15 centimeters away from the target. This distance being reduced preemptively reduces your rejection risk from 90 percent to 10 percent.


Most kisses do not fail because people do not want to be kissed. Most kisses, according to our tests, fail due to the awkwardness before the kiss, the stalling and finally the painful journey into the kiss which seems to take a lifetime.

Brain seconds are much longer than real seconds and if your target sees you moving in slowly to kiss you, her brain will have more than enough time to react and think of all the reasons why or why not to kiss you. Big mistake. The brain often thinks of 70 percent more negative thoughts than positive(and if you want learn to be more positive, go to our article about positive thinking) .

Depending on someone’s insecurities which can be expounded by his/her mood, context or past dating history you can easily create some unnecessary hurdles for yourself. In reality you, will be springing the kiss on them. There are only a few schools of thought on how to kiss a girl, however, few have recorded them and put them on their sites like Seduce In Seconds has.

Your success lies in catching her partially off guard before her brain has a chance to think about WHY she should or most likely shouldn’t kiss you. Her physical instincts and sexual “on buttons” haven’t been pushed until your place your mouth and hands on your target. Even if they’re only mildly attracted to you, many people’s sexual “go” buttons are only pushed once they have been physically aroused. This in itself has been proven to cause sweeping rushes of dopamine into the brain (described as “liquid love” or “brain cocaine”). Additionally it take the kiss journey from 500 centimeters to almost 10 centimeters, which means if this is the most risky time for getting rejected, you’ve just reduced it by 500 percent. So, in reality, your kiss does not need to have any prerequisites for attraction by the other party.

In effect this can work with attraction that has already been created, which makes your job easier, but can also work as a stand alone technique that brings all the “physical go” that you need to kick start attraction all by itself. Now this does not work every time. Over the years we have determined that this has a 90 percent success rate with work mates, strangers who have been kissed in under 15 minutes, old friends and exes. We will never waste your time by giving you unqualified information. In fact, we have some hidden camera videos on http://seduceinseconds.com showing you for free how a woman was kissed in 15 minutes off the street using this technique.  If you also want to learn to kiss a woman in 15 minutes from the time you originally met go to http://www.seduceinseconds.com/dating-course-for-men for our Online Dating Course for Men and learn more.

22 thoughts on “How to Kiss A Girl

  1. I used this technique on my momma and it worked me some wonders. I now have kids with my ma and make out with my sister frequently thanks to your tactics. This has been very helpful.

  2. Great post, I was wondering how can u use this approach when u’re with a girl at a movie theater. When is the best time to make your move? Before, during, or after the film, or does it matter?

  3. This was really helpful. But remember, the other person may be willing to do anything to kiss you, so if you can see that, you have a lot more free reign.

  4. Well, well!
    Sorry for being a little bit rude but I first thought you were gay, Srsly? the way you dress made me make this assumption.
    Anyways, now I just want to be a guy so I can try this out with someone cos honestly, I am a girl and I would REALLY love to be approached by a guy who uses such techniques. Being confident is so different of being arrogant or selfish. Your pull/push style would make me melt like an ice-cream in the middle of a summer’s day. 90% percent of women are secretly dreaming a man who takes the lead, who is sorta aggressive, and who’s not afraid of taking charge. BUT you gotta know when to stop or you will be doomed LOL.
    Mmm, now what I really want from you is to give us girls some advices. It’s does not have to be about pick-up cos I would not imagine you’d do that. However, you could give us some hints about how to keep our relationship with you guys. If I’m dating someone and I want to keep our love what am I supposed to do …. etc.
    Any ideas about sex life, kissing, dating, ….. etc for us GIRLS would be really appreciated.

    I know you’re asking yourself how a girl ended up he. Well, I’m having a day dream, and I guess your article was very helping LOL

  5. Restrictions live only in our minds. However if all of us make use of our imaginations, our choices become endless

  6. Man this is pure genious. I’ve used all this before without even knowing what I was doing as far as the process goes. It just came natural to me like a moth to the light. Now I have a woman who I’ve been with for over a year and I’m getting the jitters from feeling locked down and I have a kid. I have been as good as any PUA can be to her and then some but I feel like I’m denying my natural instinct to hunt and it is causing me to loose the part of me that makes me care about my looks, witty replies and go getter atittude. I love my new family and would never bail on them but I just feel incomplete without being able to master this craft further because I’ve been taken out of the field. I tried to explain it to her but she took it the wrong way and so I just told her what she wanted to hear you know “baby I love you and have no interest in other ladies” that type of stuff. I think we oughta develope a method of the “one day sex close” for guys like me who need a “trip to vegas” but don’t have the time. It’s a study I’ve been thinking about undertaking for a while now. I know I can do it because I have done it sooo many times in my life already. I know it’s not my looks that give me this talent because I’m 5’6 190 lbs and have acne scars on my face and a rougher look, but you look like a school boy in comparison to me lol. No offense. All I’m doing is validating my reason for promoting the study of this method. The one night stand method. I’d love to write a tried and true one night stand method for guys who can’t bring a woman back to thier house for whatever reason, have no interest in a follow up or “relationship”, and simply wish to have sex then be on their way again! There are sooo many advanced topics we can cover that go much further than a kiss although that is a mountain for some. I’m not saying I don’t ever need help or guidance because although I’m a more than intermediate PUA, I have discovered recent new barriers to my path of sexual and psychological enlightenment. I need to take things to the next limit. My ultimate goal is to make an acceptance method. Men will use the acceptance method to not only get the girls but to make them accept eachothers existance and be ok with it. Anyone who can do that is the best in the business because it goes against all common morals and is completely socially unexceptable to 90 percent of the ladies in my opinion. They all want you to themselves if you are a good PUA wich is a blessing and a curse at the same time. My email is morbidfuture@gmail.com if you’d like to work on something revolutionary. I like your style because you remind me of me. Thanx for existing.

  7. what is the girl going to think if you somewhat inpose a kiss that is not very gentlemen like what i basally see is that you could ruin her image if her friends found out especially if you are not a very attractive guy …make sure you have a plan b when you get screwed by her boyfriend you did not know about … other than that i think its a little sly to do

  8. Fascinating…and I agree pretty much with everything. Keep up the good work…I will definitely be back soon

  9. ive noticed in many videos you cheek kiss on exit and sometimes command a reply to your own cheek, either verbally or gesutrally, are you counting that as a ‘kiss close’ or is this just more european/ australian than an american is used to seeing? or are you escalating and building more rapport?

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