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Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar

Comic from dating sim showing number close
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Practice picking up woman in a bar

thumbnail Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar
Some of you will remember my dating simulator for an old Seduce in Seconds course back in 2006. It is back by popular demand four years later.


Dating Simulator

I was trying to figure out the most effective ways to teach guys from home. I had the bright idea to call up two ex girlfriends and my girlfriend to come and do the voices.simpic1 Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar

Practice number closing a brunette from Australia


I already knew back then that this works worldwide as I was starting my first Seduction world tour back in 2006. A student approached me and offered to partner up. Let’s just say that the dating simulator didn’t look as I expected it.

datingsimfrenchblonde Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar
See if you can get our French blonde into the sack. She may look like a total prostitute (don’t ask why) but she’s not as easy as she looks.

Back then we were very technique based and I did not appreciate that there was something behind those techniques that made them work. You can use this for a bit of learning and for a bit of a laugh.

datingred Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar
Go back to the days of indirect game and beating around the bush. Let’s see if this English redhead is happy to see your Big Ben.

All those techniques in the game still ring true but instead of being the course they are now the practical examples of the four core principles of seduction: counter-intuitiveness, push/pull, indifference and playfulness.

Click this link to play and back to restart (or the blue triangle at the end ‘Tips’ section.

The Original Seduce In Seconds Dating SimClick HERE to Play for Free

Failed the game? Click the blue triangle to play as many times as you want, FREE

25 thoughts on “Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar

  1. I think it’s a cool game if I was younger. lol. I’m still waiting for AI technology for sex and dating. That would solve a lot of loneliness problems. In the meantime we all have to look for dates. I have been using social networks to date lately. MySpace is a good avenue. Facebook not so much because everyone knows you there, like your mom! Koowie.com is another good place to go. It is like a free and better Craigslist. Actually you can use Koowie for practically anything. I have been talking to a couple girls there already.

  2. Hi

    is it possible to get really good at this stuff the first time round or is it expected that we fail for the first few times? I started trying your stuff (although i know i’m not very good at it) and pretty much failed miserably. is there a quicker way to get there, or should we just practice practice practice until we get it right

    Y. Zhang

  3. Hmm the thing with the blond girl… i could never touch her in conversation, that just don’t seem like you really should do it… sorry but no ^^”

  4. Hooh goyo arganuud bnaa. Tegj bgaad Mongoldoo ochij hereglenee hehe. Sorry for that I wrote some words in Mongolian. I really liked your videos and it really motivates me. One day (I hope not so far from today) I will be a man like Don Juan or Casanova. And are they all your of your videos? If not how can I watch them? Grazie

  5. I cant believe that quite a few of the web sites My spouse and i have been brought to from stumblupon (precisely today this specific site) I was trying to pass a couple of tremendously dreary 60 minutes away, when stumbleupon landed me right here. What a great internet page you possess I’m so delighted to have seen it I have just passed the last 20 mins going through a number of of your articles or blog posts, and have in addition bookmarked some of them. I will defiantly be back to learn a bit more when i have abit more time.

  6. You’re right, my girlfriend picked up on a few of these things too 3 years ago when we started seeing eachother. She said a few things rubbed her the wrong way and that higher quality and more mature women would not take well to ‘not saying your name’.

    Keep this in mind. Those videos were filmed when I was 19 and working at a law firm during my degrees. They do reak of 19 year old cheese and mentality, that’s why the updated stuff is in my course. Newer more accurate videos that pick up women not just girls in a hyper and kinda awkward way.

    It’s a lot less gimmicky now because back then my testing and research was…well, not organised and not very scientific.

    I do disagree with you on the whole though. This stuff is so powerful that even if you do screw up (like I did and do still) it doesn’t matter because my 4 core principles just save it. That’s why these videos are helpful. If a hyper 19 year old with a crazy batman belt and intense brown suit can pick up women (not girls) like that then it’s proof that most of 50-60 year old clients will have no trouble. I think of it as McDonalds, make my stuff so simple that even a 12 year old can master it and make it run and work effectively. It’s all about simplicity (same in business, read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber or the One Minute Manager).

    You may think my stuff is insane but it’s been inspired and derrived from very well established sources including my own. At the end of the day, it hasn’t been done to you and have you tried any of it yourself? If the answer is no to both then really we must all take your comment with a grain of salt.

  7. I don’t get it. I’d be okay if someone asked for my number, even if I’d possibly say no, but someone I met just a minute ago asking out of the blue without even trying to see if I’m cool with it gets a definite rejection, in a worse way than the former.

    And if I asked him his name and he refused to do so, then he moved close and put a hand on my shoulder, I’d accidentally-on-purpose pour my drink on his lap, at the least.

    Maybe this only works on certain girls for certain relationships. Like, a one-night stand with woman who’s easy to begin with. What’d work for some women would lead to a lot of hot water if used on others, though. I think you’d have to actually know what the heck you’re doing and who the heck you’re talking o so that you don’t say the wrong thing to the wrong girl.

  8. This simulator has simulated not only the conversations, but also the loud background music.

    I tried this simulator like a week ago, i found it hard to hear what they say.

    But now, after having been to differnt bars for 2 nights and approached 2 sets, i noticed how has the loud background music been simulated at the same time. This is very detailed work, my friend.

    To be honest, i didn’t have the guts to hit a bar until…..
    I have watched the Pick-Up-Artist TV show on vh1 (watching real scenes inside a club), and
    tried out your simulator game.

    But now i have to amass even more guts to hit a club.

    But I do have to thank you for the great work, thanks a lot! Bravo!

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  10. Holy f*ck, I actually don’t think the comment above is spam….it doesn’t surprise me that you’re talking about God, religion and the bible though. You’d fit right in with most of the zealots I know.

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  12. Thanks for such interesting writing on the Web as I have been able to discover here. I agree with most of what is written here and I’ll be returning to this site again. Thanks again for publishing such great reading material!!

  13. Jonathan Sankey

    I’m a 17 years old boy, and i’m from Brazil. I want to ask you if you could put captions in your videos. I know to speak english very well, but your videos could rule the pickup society if you do it. Oterwise, people from many countries visit your site, and they really approve your thories and techniques.
    As you already said, there’s no method.

    I receive your messages in my mail box, and if one day you can answer me and chat me i would be so gratfull.

    Thank you for reading.

  14. Thanks mate but I’m not a writer and despite my costs I don’t do this for money. I left a very well paying career as a lawyer to be a full time dating coach / self help guru / helpful bloke (whatever you want to call it). Cheers for the suggestion and compliment though but I get paid already writing this stuff because people want to learn the specifics of how to do this stuff perfectly in all situations and join my online course.

    I also have had bad experiences with posting on sites other than my own because some of my competitors may own the sites and they edit my stuff to make me look like a fake. So right now I like to keep it where I can moderate it myself and make sure it reaches you, the reader, as I intend it to without being ‘edited’.

    Also, that site is for Christian Dating and usually my stuff infuriates most people with a religious ideology because nearly everything I write about here is contrary to their believes, principles and delluded views of the world. ‘No sex before marriage’ is usually the first qualm they raise. Secondly, the ‘good Christian approach to picking up women’ usually revolves around friendly church groups where most people pride themselves on ‘loving their brothers’ and consequently they’re usually way too nice and open.

    My stuff is honest, direct and upfront but compared to Christian values it would be considered manipulative and the devil. I had this discussion once with a Rabbi who wanted me to teach his congregation how to pick up. The only issue was he wanted me to put some of his beliefs in there like “Only date other Jewish people and keep it in the community” and “Aim to get married and start a familly ASAP as it’s ‘God’s will’ “. There’s no way I would ever hide, taint or change my beliefs about pick up and what works just because a “man of God” pays me or asks me to.

    If you represent that site and are cool with those pre-conditions then I’ll be happy to contribute but I do need to warn you that I often preach pretty heavy Atheist views and how men should be “self reliant ” and not rely on God to help them find their match…or anything for that matter.

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  16. It is an excellent material!!.

    I would like that you were translating the Spanish, since thousands of persons might have access to your material.

    A greeting.

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