27 Dec

The Handshake – A Powerful Flirting Technique

Use custom handshake to shake her world!


  • A Handy Trick To Demonstrate Playfulness
  • How To Use The Handshake
  • Repetition Is The Key To Success

    A Handy Trick To Demonstrate Playfulness

    A customized handshake can build amazing comfort with your lady and speed up seductions. This comprises you inventing a special handshake with the woman and using it every time you see her (especially in front of her friends) and particularly in front of her boyfriend or other males. It is a perfect tool for covertly diffusing a boyfriend. You demonstrate a playfulness most long-term relationships lack and will make her man jealous, which is definitely an unattractive quality in anyone’s eyes.

    How To Use The Handshake

    One example was a cute law student living with her French boyfriend of five years who compensated for his insecurities by being hostile. I took the handshake from top-gun (the windmill: where you give a high-five and then swing it down for a low five in one circular motion) and coupled it with a ridiculous leg shake (where you both lift your right leg, grab each other’s ankle and shake it).

    In this situation the guy (Greg) called the shake “gay” and then Read More

    23 Dec

    What to do if You Were Stood Up?

    How To Deal With Being Stood Up


    • 2 Reasons Why Girls Will Stood You Up
    • What To Do After Being Stood Up
    • How To Prevent Flaking
    • Recovering From A Flake

    A “Flake” is a girl who fails to turn up to arrangements, hence the term “flaking” being used as synonym to being “stood up” on a date.

    2 Reasons Why Girls Will Stood You Up

    Firstly, you did not build enough attraction for them initially and you ended your interaction or called them too early before they had enough incentive to see you.

    Secondly, she is flaky by nature. Some girls have personalities that are so unpredictable, illogical, or inconsiderate that not only will they flake on you but also on their family, friends, and even their gynecologist. Either way, don’t take it to heart as a rejection…do not ever take rejections to heart.

    What if she was really hot? Or what if you talked for two hours and you think she is ‘the one?’

    You then have one last chance. Never call them to organize another arrangement; they need to call you and apologize. If she stood you up, follow the process below.

    What To Do After Being Read More

    20 Dec

    General Tips On How To Approach A Girl

    Find out how to approach a girl in a group and how to avoid the most common mistake men make.


    •  A Practical Advice For Approaching A Group of Girls
    •  The Most Common Mistake Man Make When Approaching A Girl
    •  Approaching A Girl By Asking An Opinion


    How To Approach A Girl In A Group

    When approaching a group of girls, start by engaging the girl you perceive to be most receptive. This is usually the one people are looking at or the one having the most fun. Gently touch her arm to get her attention, and proceed with a concise opener (be sure to ground it – i.e. “Hey my friends and I are discussing and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on (Opener)”. Now as you run your opener you will notice the rest of the group is giving you suspicious looks.

    Solution: Run the opener on the Receptive Girl (RG) but before she has a chance to respond break eye contact with her and address the group as whole with the same question (like you are trying to include them in discussion).

    Before the group has a chance to respond look back to RG for answer/ reaction. By doing this, you are disarming the group Read More

    19 Dec

    How To Talk To Girls – Personal Broad Experience

    Learn how to communicate with girls by using Personal Broad Excperiences


    • What To Do If The Conversation Doesn’t Hook
    • Great Example Conversation
    • How To Make The Conversation Exciting
    • Relate With Women On An Emotional Level


    What To Do If The Conversation Doesn’t Hook

    If the conversation still does not hook after the third hit (story) you now need a more proactive way to get the group / person to contribute. If your story is something that most people will not be able to relate to you need to either make it a story that has a common setting or situation where something normal goes wrong.

    The problem is that usually the stories people don’t relate to, the obscure, strange stories that take people by surprise are the ones that engage them because they did not expect the punch line. Why don’t they expect the punch line? Because they can’t relate to what you are saying.

    To counter this you need to use a PBE – Personal Broad Experience. PBE is a term I coined to help remind students to stop talking at the targets and starting talking with them to get them to contribute. A PBE is usually vague, relates to a feeling, Read More

    18 Dec

    The Most Successful Pickup Line In The World

    What is the best pickup line ever? You might be surprised...


    • The Most Successful Pickup Line Revealed
    • How To Make (Almost) Any Line Work
    • Make It Don’t Fake It

    The Most Successful Pickup Line Revealed

    The most successful pickup line in the world is probably ”Hi! I’m….” and the variations of it such as  ”Hello! My name is…”, ”Hola!” or ”Ni hao!”. Some of these you might already be familiar with and you have probably used these at some point of your life. If you haven’t had success with these lines, I’m about to tell you the reason why.

    How To Make (Almost) Any Line Work

    Every time you feel there is a problem or you do not know what to do, think to yourself that she really wants to bang your brains out. A friend of mine, FM, went to do a mind control course in America a few years ago. They taught him that if you want someone to do something or feel a certain way then you need to genuinely believe that they will do it.

    You can try to imagine the thoughts transmitting from your head into their body, into their mind as if you are telepathically communicating with them. Read More

    17 Dec

    How To Use Mixed Messages To Get The Ladies

    Send mixed replies to differentiate yourself


    • What Are Mixed Messages And Why Should I Care?
    • 3 Revealing Examples Of Mixed Messages
    • Good Frustration And Bad Frustration


    What Are Mixed Messages And Why Should I Care?

    Being vague and restricting the amount of information you give your women is commonly called “mixed messages”. Women (particularly attractive ones) expect men to give them what they want when they want it. It is a power thing: they use their looks as weapons for the simple reason that it works like a charm. Even when they are not shit-testing you, you can playfully communicate that you are not at their beck and call. You are exclusive and playful.

    If a woman asks the average man a question he will always give an instant and direct answer because not only does it not make sense to us to play games we genuinely cannot be bothered having to think about everything so much.

    Realize that whether they know it or not a simple day-to-day question can be used as an avenue to be playful and differentiate yourself.

    There is no need to be hostile when you respond, instead give them a non-answer to Read More

    16 Dec

    Getting People To Act How You Want Them To – Psychological Framing

    Learn 1 Simple Concept That Will Help You With The Ladies


    • 1 Simple Concept To Help You With The Ladies – Frames
    • Revealing Example Of Using Frames
    • How To Use Sexual Frames


    1 Simple Concept To Help You With The Ladies – Psychological Framing

    If you tell a person they act a certain way or have a particular quality, most of the time they will feel obligated to live up to that expectation. This is the same reasoning behind why psychologists always advise parents never to call their children stupid but rather say the act they did was stupid. You don’t want to psychologically frame them as stupid as that would encourage them to act stupid later on.

    A lot of people are childish in the sense that they do not have a strong sense of character and can be told what to be and how to act. Unfortunately this is used all too often to make people feel bad, however you should always try to leave your lady better than you found her.

    Revealing Example Of Using Frames

    Accusing them of trying to pick you up is both playful and can help convince them that they really do like you, even if Read More

    13 Dec

    2 Text-messages That She Will Answer – A Guide To Reconnecting With Her

    These 2 text messages will get responses and help you to reconnect with her after a long time.


    - How To Reconnect With Someone After A Long Time

    - The Magical ”Indian Girl Message”

    - Another Great Message To Reconnect With Her

    How To Reconnect With Someone After A Long Time

    It is not uncommon for an interaction to go stale over time. You might have called, she was busy for the next two weeks, you forgot about her for a few months and now you are looking at her number in your phone and wanting to penetrate her(or just, you know, meet her). You might even go out on a date or two with a girl, even had sex with them and the relationship did not take off…but now you changed your mind and would like to meet her again.

    Relax, it is normal, however calling her after three weeks or more of dead time can come off as really weird particularly if you did not spend much time with her. No one likes to be the stalker and even if they are, no one likes to think they are. So do not call. Send her a text-message that is nonthreatening, not needy and engaging. This is called a Read More

    12 Dec

    How To Get A Date With Minimal Rejection: The First Call

    Learn how to get a date with minimal rejection by making the perfect first call


    • Texting Vs. Calling
    • How To Make The First Call?
    • The Second Call: Telling Her Rather Than Asking Her
    • Women Love Surprises

    Texting Vs. Calling

    You have got her phone number, now use it. This means physically calling not texting, emailing or any other form of communication substandard to that of a telephone. Girls often associate text-messaging or internet approaches as weak and lacking in confidence. Furthermore these mediums arguably make it harder to create a more personal connection and allow her time to think about what to say and whether or not to reply.

    How To Make The First Call

    Call the woman and chat to her for about 15 mins one or two days after getting her number. Pick a random topic, I usually like “Can a cat be gay?” it is very peculiar and chicks are always talking about relationships and the unknown. Say you were having an argument with a friend and you need her to settle it for you. Also say you “cant talk for long, I’m just driving home”.

    The purpose of this is not to make the conversation about her; it’s about getting a woman’s opinion Read More

    11 Dec

    The True Reason Behind Happiness – Locus of Control

    With Strong Internal Locus Of Control You Can Drive On The Beach Even If You Are An Elephant!


  • Stability Comes From Within
  • Steps To A Healthy Sense Of Self-Security
  • Internal Locus Of Control Makes You Attractive
  • Stability Comes From Within

    If you want stability you need to recognize that it differs from “waking up next to a loving partner everyday” or “being more successful with the opposite sex”. These are external indicators of your happiness, which are always subject to change as they rely on other people or events that are totally out of your control hence you will never be consistently happy.

    Ironically if you are geared towards this “external locus of control” it is a very unattractive quality if it is made obvious. People may see you as suffocating, reliant, dependent, unstable, irrational, controlling, etc. We all start off with an external locus and maintain it to an extent but we do not need to let it dominate us.

    Steps To A Healthy Sense Of Self-Security

    You need to work on having an internal locus of control. Start by doing activities by yourself that still can be fulfilling (and that do not involve lubricant). Take on things solo, which may have some sort of pay off or achievement Read More

    07 Nov

    How To Ask A Girl For Her Phone Number

    How to ask a girl for a phone number


    • The Right And Wrong Way To Ask Her Number
    • Never Specify The Time Of The Call
    • Extra Tips For Getting Her Number


    Once your conversation is up and running and you are getting some signs of interest from the person you’re interacting with you have now established attraction. e.g. she asks you a question, touches you, smiles, bites her bottom lip, makes sexual innuendos…

    You now need to communicate your interest to her either by complimenting her on a trait of her personality, by saying you two will make great friends (friends! Not lovers…fly under the radar) or by inserting a sign of sexual interest into another compliment e.g. “You’re great fun, it is rare to meet someone who has sex appeal whilst having a good sense of humor at the same time”. Naturally the next step would be asking her number. So, how to ask a girl for her phone number?

    The Right And Wrong Way To Ask Her Number

    The whole aim to getting a date or a phone number is in being confident about it. How do you appear confident? You tell them what they like, what Read More

    06 Nov

    11 Steps of Compliance – The Roadmap To Seduction

    Steps Of Compliance


    • How An Average Guy Interacts With Women
    • How You Should Interact With Women:11 Steps Of Compliance
    • Fast Compliance Building Technique
    • Science Behind Compliance


    How An Average Guy Interacts With Women

    You can convince anyone to do anything if you use small steps that get them used to complying with you. The more tests you establish for them to pass the more they will train themselves into agreeing with you. Let’s say you meet a woman you are interested in. A common process most men take is:

    • Getting her to talk to you
    • Acquiring her phone number
    • Kissing her
    • Having sex with her

    Currently she has only agreed to three things (conversation, number and the kiss) before you two have sex. The whole aim is to make the gap between meeting her and having sex look small. Feed her interesting bitesize pieces of compliance before you ask for the bigger close. This is a common technique most salesmen use.

    How You Should Interact With Women:11 Steps Of Compliance

    A salesman however, would apply his business knowledge to seduction and gain additional steps of compliance so that, before she knows Read More

    29 Oct

    Indicators Of Interest – Yours And Hers

    Indicators Of Interest


    • Calibrate Your Indicators Of Interest
    • The Right Way To Communicate Your Interest
    • Her Indicators Of Interest Explained
    • How To Read Her Signals


    Calibrate Your Indicators Of Interest

    It is good to tell a woman she is cute, great to talk to or that she has real sexual prowess. You need to calibrate your indicators of interest (IOIs) to the girl depending on their personality and / or how your interaction is going. It would be unwise to call a shy conservative girl sexy where cute may be more appropriate, just as calling her sexy within the first 10 minutes of meeting her will resonate differently if you have already been on a date and spent time together.

    Usually where guys go wrong is that they are too explicit in their statement of intent, so they seem needy or horny and they fail to say it with conviction. You do not want your IOI to be awkward because then when they think about sex with you what feelings will they have? The ones they first felt at the time the issue was raised: awkwardness.

    The Right Way To Communicate Your Interest

    There are Read More

    28 Oct

    Managing the Competition:Dealing With AMOGs

    Learn How To Manage Your Competition


    • 4 Lines To Help You Deal With AMOGs
    • Perfecting your ”What the fuck?” look
    • 4 Other Tactics To Stop AMOG From Ruining Your Interactions


    4 Lines To Help You Deal With AMOGs

    “Naturals” are the good-looking ladies’ men that were born with charisma and they are often the Alpha Males Of The Group (aka AMOG). I have found that naturals need the occasional subtle insult to put them in their place, especially when they are upstaging you or putting you down. By rapping an insult in a compliment you can covertly deflate someone’s ego whilst still appearing to make an innocent comment. Quite often if you are nervous your wit will pack up its bags and leave. You stall. You panic. And then you say something based purely on emotion and it will be something you regret. Further down will teach you a process to get over this, rather than a line to memorize and forget.

    I have begun to apply these insults in the field with killer success but find having standardized ones pre-memorized can often help you think when you are either nervous or intimidated. Some examples are:

    Wow we Read More

    25 Oct

    Negging: The Power Of Negative Compliments

    Negging aka giving negative compliments


    • What Is Negging?
    • To Neg Or Not To Neg?
    • 17 Brilliant Example Negs


    What Is Negging?

    Negging is the act of giving a negative compliment: a compliment rapped in an insult (concept closely related to push / pull and teasing) . The aim of Negging is that it  is a seemingly innocent way to cut the person you are interacting with down to size if they are being rude or have an attitude. As the Neg is a backhanded compliment you can get away with it, as your delivery will be seemingly innocent. An example may be “Your hair is awesome, it’s pretty retro”, of course this is said when they are not trying to be retro hence you say their hairstyle is outdated.

    What most people will not realize is that it is essential that you never let the other person reply to the Neg. The moment you give them an opportunity to think or reflect upon what you have just said you risk two things:

    1) They realize that what you said was not an innocent comment made in passing. You waiting for a response can often telegraph through Read More

    24 Oct

    Isolating: The Technique To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

    Isolating The Technique To Sweep Her Off Her Feet


  • Why You Should Isolate
  • Sweeping Her Off Her Feet
  • Isolating Methods
  • Why You Should Isolate

    Isolating your girl away from the group is essential to creating comfort and having a more personal interaction with her. This is not essential for getting a kiss but it is usually the natural progression after opening and attraction gambits. Kissing her in front of people she knows, or even strangers depending on how insecure she is, will make your life harder.

    Girls never want to feel cheap or “slutty” and even when their friends are supportive of you two getting more intimate she may still feel the need to demonstrate to everyone else that she is better than you (or any other guy for that matter) and will do away with you.

    Sweep Her Off Her Feet

    If you do not isolate, not just when you should but more importantly as soon as you can, you can end up missing your opportunity and coming across as weak through not having the confidence to make a move. The alpha male takes what he wants, when he wants and has no doubt in his mind as to whether he Read More

    18 Oct

    How To Flirt Properly – Teasing Without Offending

    How to flirt by teasing


    • Why Teasing Is Important Part of Flirting
    • The Step-By-Step Guide To Flirt By Teasing
    • A Revealing Example


    Why Teasing Is Important Part of Flirting

    I think that the thing men find most difficult to grasp when learning how to flirt is teasing women in a non-offensive way.

    Why this is so important?

    Push / pull is on of the most essential technique for creating attraction. Teasing not only acts an effective push but can be used demonstrate one of the four essential elements for any good interaction: playfulness. In the early early stages of my learning curve I would tease people in a way I believed was playful but in reality I can across as rude and arrogant.

    One and a half years later I realized that is a sticking-point that needs to be dealt with from the outset of your social journey. I’ve been working on a step-by-step theory that will provide you with a basic outline for how to flit by teasing effectively. Once you get the hang of it after 5 interactions or so, you will be able to push the envelope considerably further than you once thought Read More

    17 Oct

    Emotional Topics – How To Avoid The Friend Zone

    Use Emotional Topics to avoid ending up in the friend zone


    • No More Friend Zone – The Importance of Emotional Topics
    • The Emotional Rollercoaster Ride
    • A Real Life Example

    No More Friend Zone – The Importance of Emotional Topics

    As a general rule, always follow the emotive avenues / threads / opportunities of a conversation. Different people call it different things but ultimately a conversation will provide you with a variety of options. Try to go with the one that is the most emotionally involved and you are guaranteed not to end up in the friend zone ever again..

    Some dating coaches use “following emotional topics” as the sole basis for their teaching just to emphasize how important this is. This is by far the most important thing you will ever learn about building rapport and keeping conversations interesting, so put a bookmark here so you can come back to it later.

    The Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

    The rationale behind Emotional Topics is mentioned in our other article “How To Be Indifferent: Push and Pull Technique Introduced” and is referred to as the emotional rollercoaster. Men who fail to communicate emotively are either considered boring or as friends by the women they are trying Read More

    16 Oct

    The Dendros Theory – How To Hold A Conversation Forever

    Dendros Theory helps you with conversations


    •  What Is The Dendros Theory?
    •  Branching Out
    • Open Loops
    • You Can Always Change The Topic of The Conversation


    What Is The Dendros Theory?

    The Dendros theory was something I came up with years ago for networking and have now applied it to having successful conversations. Dendros theory gives the impression that you understand what the woman has to say and can hold a fluent conversation. Please be aware that this is only to be used when you are finding it difficult to make conversation.

    The theory is based on the “Dendros” (Greek word for tree) and how it develops in any environment to get the most out of any situation.

    Picture a tree’s trunk, only a trunk with nothing coming out of it, this is the first part of a conversation. This trunk will let out three or four branches and then each of those branches will let out another three or four etc. Do not talk to chicks about horticulture, this is a metaphor.

    Imagine you’re having a conversation; the woman will always give you an opportunity (intentional or not) to sink deeper into discussion with you. Your initial opportunity Read More

    15 Oct

    How To Improve Your Conversation Skills by Using Grabs

    How to improve your conversation skills with grabs technique


  • What Are Grabs?
  • A Real Life Example of Using Grabs In a Conversation
  • How to Cover A Large Variety of Topics Quickly

  • What Are Grabs?

    A grab is the term I use to describe when thoughts unrelated to the one you are already talking about pop into your head. You need to work past the idea that one topic needs to relate to or logically follow on from another. To improve your conversation skills you need to grab a thought the moment it comes into you head and work it into your conversation to continually ride the wave of interest.

    The grabs are not so much a process but rather a few lines you can use to fluidly integrate the new topic of conversation into the one you are having, or to end the current topic whilst they are still interested in it. Perhaps the person had a story they wanted to tell you, perhaps they were in the middle of discussing a topic and wanting to reach a conclusion, it does not matter.

    Ending these topics will cause the other party to be politely frustrated. This is a good frustration, it means Read More

    12 Oct

    T’s 3 Hit Hybrid Opener:Amazing Way To Create Conversation Starters

    Hybrid Opener Best Way To Create Conversation Starters


    •  T’s 3 Hit Approach For Starting A Conversation
    •  Two Things To Remember When Telling Your Conversation Starters
    • Assume Value And Don’t Be Afraid Of Rejections

    T’s 3 hit opener is the most effective way to start a conversation with a group or a person as it gives them four opportunities to converse with you when a regular opener gives only one.

    This hybrid opener is a process rather than a pickup line or a gimmick. The process is made up of steps that, within themselves, can still open a group but when combined they give three different opportunities for your target to hook which makes for a more fluent and natural opener. Following this process enables you to create amazing conversation starters.

    The aim with the three hit conversation starter is that every time you move forward to the next step you look back at the previous step for context. Sounds cryptic I know, but bear with me as there’s an example further down.

    Personally I have always found opening to be my weakness. Almost all regular conversation starters had serious flaws in them. I felt that it was awkward going up to Read More

    11 Oct

    The Physical Elements Of Approaching:Body Language, Eye Contact And Voice

    Body language voice eye contact


  • One Simple Tip To Improve Your Body Language
  • How To Talk To Women: Using Your Voice Properly
  • Don’t Forget Eye Contact
  • The Physical Elements Checklist
  •  One Simple Tip To Improve Your Body Language

    Every time you go to a club or bar there are at least 10 guys in there who have gone up to a girl and have come across needy. Approaching front on so that you are face to face with the target can seem confrontational and needy at the best of times. Men also tend to lean in when they feel they need to be accepted. This kind of body language communicates neediness, which is highly unattractive.

    Approaching side on as if you are almost talking over your shoulder to them can fix the first aspect. The second aspect of leaning in can be fixed by standing up straight.

    I might sound like your mother but bear with me. Standing up straight might fix you seeming needy but it does not give you an edge. It is essential that you lean back slightly as if you are sitting in the seat of a sports car. This way you are Read More

    10 Oct

    Opening:Should You Use a Direct or an Indirect Opener?

    Should You Use Direct or Indirect Opener?


    • Difference Between Direct And Indirect Opener
    • The Real Reason To Use Indirect Opener
    • Drawbacks Of Indirect Opener
    • Your Ultimate Goal Is To Be Direct

    The style of opening(initiating conversation with a woman) you will learn here is unlike any other in the world. The reason is that it is a process designed to help you grow into a man who can open every time successfully whilst being as lazy as possible. The goal is to put in as little effort as possible to get the greatest result.

    Difference Between Direct And Indirect Opener

    Approaching women can be done either directly or indirectly. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

    An indirect approach occurs anytime the man uses an innocuous pretense as an excuse to talk to a woman. An innocuous pretense is any reason that would be seen as non-threatening, such as asking for the time, for directions or for an opinion.

    A direct approach occurs anytime the man does not attempt to mask his true reason for talking to a woman. Direct approaches can range in intensity from the lukewarm “How’s it going” to the warm “I had to come over and Read More

    09 Oct

    Blueprint To Self-confidence: 4 Techniques That Will Improve Your Approach

    How to improve your self-confidence


    • Importance of The First Three Minutes of The Approach
    •  The Guinea Pig Technique: Proven Way To Reduce Your Anxiety
    •  The Female Friend Technique: Increase Self-confidence by Visualization
    • The Cameron Diaz Technique: How to Convey Exclusivity
    • The Best Friend Technique: Another Great Way To Boost Self-confidence

    Importance of The First Three Minutes of The Approach

    Women will decide their attraction for you within the first 3 minutes, which is why we will be briefing in detail on this crucial period of time. Below are some of my own techniques I used to help me with my anxiety.

    The Guinea Pig Technique: Proven Way To Reduce Your Anxiety

    When you start your night make your first four approaches groups of people who are merely test-subjects. They can be anyone you are not attracted to and their sole purpose is to get you warmed up and reduce your anxiety. You will be more confident if you are not intimidated by intimidated by looks and less attractive girls appear more approachable and less pretentious. You can even start by approaching all-guy sets or moving into a warm-set (someone you know or have been introduced to).

    The aim Read More

    08 Oct

    Getting Over Approach Anxiety And The Fear Of Rejection



    •  Why You Shouldn’t Take Rejections Personally
    • Rejection Does Not Kill You
    • Fast Way To Get Rid Of Approach Anxiety
    • Amazing Exercise To Overcome Shyness

    Why You Shouldn’t Take Rejections Personally

    A lot of men are afraid that by being rejected they will feel less of a man and people may talk/laugh/point at them. Particularly if you are being natural, as no one likes to feel that they were rejected for being themselves. As you can imagine, the psychological effects of rejection are often magnified and foster issues ranging from poor self-esteem to having less patience for family and friends. Some people even kick small animals; there are a lot of sore guinea pigs around.

    The idea behind rejection anxiety stems from the belief that if a woman rejects your advance she rejects you personally.

    This is far from the truth.

    Attractive women get approached constantly by men wanting to bed them, the moment they realise your initial intentions are sexual they will often put up their defenses and test you. It is better to play it cool, fly under the radar and only communicate your interest once their defenses have lowered. Look Read More

    30 Sep

    Fun Tactic To Use: Disqualifiers In Flirting



    • Fly Under the Radar
    • Play a Matchmaking Game To Show Your Positive Traits
    • Understand the Disqualifier Technique
    • Special Tip

    Question:Why are you talking to this woman in the bar sitting next to you?
    Answer:You want to get laid.
    Question:What do you think is going through her mind as to why you are here?
    Answer:That you want to get laid.

     Fly Under the Radar

    Your goal is to fly under the radar the whole time. You can disqualify yourself as a potential suitor when you feel that the girl has an inkling too early on in the interaction that your intentions are things other than teddy bears and watching Desperate Housewives. You need to make them feel the same safety they have when they are with a married man. They know he is a neutralized threat so they give him a greater chance.

    Women instinctively are hardwired not to be used by men. This whole need for security, fidelity and legitimacy stems back to our tribal day where a woman would need a man to help her hunt, protect her from animals and ultimately survive. If a woman kept sleeping Read More

    29 Sep

    Three Key Things To Remember When Approaching Women



    • Keep Your Standards
    • Improve Your Approaches: Use False Time Constraint

    • Ride the Emotional Wave: Associate Yourself  With Good Emotions

     Keep Your Standards

    Initially your aim is to make your women feel like they have to earn your presence otherwise you will leave. You need to already assume that every women wants you, have standards, and if someone steps out of line you call them on it. Knowing what you want is attractive, knowing what you don’t want is essential.

    During your first impression your pre-learnt lines and your opener (the first line spoken) are just an excuse to demonstrate attributes about yourself nonverbally through your body language. This form of communication is harder to fake and is far more potent with women than trying to show off through talking. It is the way you hold yourself and deliver your speech that is the most important part of your interactions. You need to convey that you have better offers if the people you are with mistreat you or are not up to your standards.

    Improve Your Approaches: Use False Time Constraint

    The first thoughts that enter a group’s mind when a foreigner enters Read More

    27 Sep

    The Way To Deal With Difficult People

    How to Deal With Difficult People


    • People Are Mentally Prepared Based On Their Previous Experiences
    • Surprise Them By Being Different
    • How To Deal With Difficult People: A Shocking Example

    A lot of the psychology you will learn from my Online Dating Course for Men can apply to other areas of life as well, like your family and the business world. Being counterintuitive can come in handy in all circumstances where people base their actions on what they believe you will do because that’s what the normal person would do.

    People Are Mentally Prepared Based On Their Previous Experiences

    If your flat-mate left dirty dishes in the sink for the fifth time that week and always argues with you about cleaning them then you begin to mentally predict what will happen this time based on your past experiences. It usually takes the format of “I will tell him to clean the plates, he wont agree until I do the bathroom, we’ll argue again about having no cleaning products, neither of us will go to the supermarket out of spite and nothing will get done.” If you think there’s a chance you will have the argument again, your brain, as if Read More

    26 Sep

    How To Make a Woman Fall In Love With You



    • How To Make a Woman Fall In Love With You
    • 3 Step Guide To Make Her Want You
    • The Story Behind This Dating Advice
    • It Works Ten Out Of Eleven Times

    How To Make a Woman Fall In Love With You

    If you do not want your woman to fall in love with you then stop reading, this has only been tested eleven times, ten of which have seen the receiving party become infatuated with the man. If you are not prepared to reciprocate the feelings you are about to create, then stop reading.

    If you are doing this only to get sex, then stop reading. This technique is to be used when your woman is still sitting on the fence when it comes to commitment to either a relationship or taking your relationship further (be that to a sexual level or otherwise). If you feel someone still is not sure about you this is perfect. It has shown to increase people’s emotional investment from levels around 40% to 90% in the applications I have done and seen my students do.

    3 Step Guide To Make Her Want You

     First Step: Keep Frequent Read More

    25 Sep

    Keep Them Guessing With Takeaway Technique



    • 3 Useful Examples of How to Use Takeaways in Seduction (and I’m not talking about food here)
    •  Why It Isn’t Always a Good Idea to Have Sex On the First Opportunity
    • Be a Man and Share the Moral Burden Associated With Sex
    • Key Dating Advice: Be Different But Not a Liar

    The foundations of this theory are based on simple psychology: create pleasure and then show you have the power to take it away. You need to get women excited or interested in something and then take it away at its peak. This alone will not get you highly potent results as timing helps, so I have helped adapt this theory to the three most crucial points in any seduction to increase its potency.

    3 Useful Examples of How to Use Takeaways in Seduction

    On the phone: Most conversations have a point in time where both people are genuinely interested in the conversation (the social hook point) and have an urge to continue talking to the other party. When the other party says things like “Oh my God I know exactly what you mean etc” or when you ask them a question Read More

    24 Sep

    How to Be Indifferent: Push and Pull Technique Introduced



    • Understand the dynamics of the female interest
    • Easy dating advice that helps to keep women interested in you
    • A Great Push and Pull technique

     Understand the Dynamics of the Female Interest

    Sending mixed messages is undisputedly one of the most powerful internal techniques to attract women. Indifference to a man is as stink is to a monkey and if done right, not only will you get laid faster but with this great dating advice you can more easily lure someone into falling in love with you(you should also check our other article on how to make a woman fall in love with you).

    During all your interactions there needs to be an element of mystery and curiosity that keeps your woman chomping at the bit. An often used analogy with a cat and twine to helps to communicate the dynamics of female interest.

    If you dangle twine outside of a cat’s reach just enough so that its paw can just touch it but never obtain it you will have it mesmerized for hours. If you give it a taste of what it wants but never let it have the whole thing it Read More

    23 Sep

    Being Counterintuitive: How to get women instantly more attracted to you



    • To Be Different From Other Men
    • How To React When You Get a Woman’s Number
    • Training Yourself To Be Counterintuitive and Playful
    • How To Be Sarcastic

    Be Different From Other Men

    Ever had a night where you felt like the king, you could do anything with anyone and get away with it yet next weekend you were using the same lines on the same people but you got nowhere. What will always differentiate you from the average male is making a conscious effort to be counterintuitive during your interactions with women.

    The underlying premise of how to talk to women is this: you need to differentiate yourself from every other man out there by teasing women. It helps to do this playfully so they are not fully sure as to whether you are serious or not.

    How To React When You Get a Woman’s Number

    An example may be when you get a woman’s number. The average man would either say “thank you” or something along the lines of “I’ll call you tomorrow at eight, I’d really like to continue our conversation about Mexican food / going overseas / the effect of tariffs Read More

    10 Sep

    The 8 Characteristics You Need to Demonstrate to Attract Women

    Day 2 Creating The Attraction From Your Brains


    • Attraction Just Works Differently Than You Might Think
    • The 8 Traits That Are Going to Help You!
    • Go and Practice Them

    Attraction Just Works Differently Than You Might Think

    Have you ever wondered why men who have nothing going for them can attract hot women? (And no, paying for the drinks is not the correct answer.) Have you ever seen a beautiful woman with an average looking guy? He may have been bald, losing his hair, short, fat with a third arm growing out of his forehead and strangely enough he is still able to have a smoking little bunny as a girlfriend or FB (friend with benefits). This is because attraction is created in our minds by what society tells us is attractive.

    Take a look at any paintings done over 200 years ago. The women are, by contemporary standards, overweight, pasty and plain. No one now is attracted to that because society’s perceptions of what is attractive have changed. Ultimately “beauty” is a social construct which is subject to change. Regardless of your looks you can create attraction with the woman you are interested in (the target). Just as society tells Read More

    10 Sep

    Sorry Should Be The Hardest Word To Say

    Saying Sorry


    • The Power of Words
    • The ‘I am sorry’-mentality
    • Perceived Weaknes

    The Power of Words

    Words can be powerful things. Someone who has a depression might be constantly saying to themselves that life is useless, not worth living. They will use these words in their everyday speech as well, and in doing so they convey negative emotions just by speaking and can also make other people around them depressed just through their choice of words. Someone who avoids social situations would tell themselves they are not the extroverted type and they can never compete with upbeat party people. They say this to themselves so convincingly that they do not even bother to go out and try.

    A Buddhist monk would continually free his mind of all these thoughts through meditation and prayers affirming the beauty of life. In this instance I do not want you to dwell on your internal dialogue specifically but rather how the things you say to others can affect your own self-esteem and the way other people see you.

    The ‘I am sorry’-mentality

    Constantly apologizing is one of the things that can keep you stuck in a mindset where you Read More

    06 Sep

    You Are Responsible For Your Own Anxiety:The Power Of Positive Thinking

    Wrong Song


    • You Are Creating Your Own Anxiety
    • Stop Your Negative Thoughts With Pattern Interrupt
    • 2 Great Techniques For Pattern Interrupt

    You Are Responsible For Your Own Anxiety

    We all have negative voices in our heads repeating certain ideas and perceptions we have about ourselves over and over. Each time an emotion is created from these thoughts our brain sends an electrical signal from one part to another. Too many repetitions of one negative emotion can see this connection forming a solid path in our thought processes and is quite difficult to avoid. Our thought processes can begin to be likened to a record on a turntable. The record has grooves and once you start the needle on the record it begins to follow the same path every time and same music will play verbatim again and again.

    A lot of the time this is the wrong song playing in your head. A man can stand in a night club all night in fear of approaching a woman at the bar. Every time he takes a step forward in her direction he feels inadequate because he feels he is not good looking enough to have Read More

    06 Sep

    The Unseeable Reality Behind Mindsets: 5 Exercises Revealed

    How to change your mindset


    • The Simple Way To Train Your Nerves
    • Start Understanding and Using Power Words
    • Preparation Is Everything
    • Lead Your Brain The Right Way

    Visualization is a powerful technique for becoming better at a task without actually having to complete it.

    Our mind and body can react to simple thoughts and fantasies in much the same way as it responds to actual events. Many psychologists and biochemists believe the nervous system cannot tell the difference between real or perceived threats, you produce the same chemical reactions in your brain when you dream or visualize as you do in reality.

    Fact: Two surgeons, Terry Orlick & Judy McDonald, would vividly imagine themselves cutting through fat and muscles in order to be more prepared for an upcoming operation. They would imagine certain setbacks and how they would regain composure and overcome them which overall dramatically improved their success rates when put in the real situation.

    Using this powerful technique is just one of the many free dating tips we share with you. With the exercises below you can help prepare yourself for any social situation.

    The Simple Way To Train Your Nerves


    The more real your Read More

    06 Sep

    Change The Way Your Anxiety Works

    Within a Hand's Reach


    • How it all started to change
    • Sincerely saying what they need
    • The real smile

    How it all started to change

    Tantric sex instructor and close friend, Ven helped me get past some serious approach anxiety and sincerity issues whilst we were doing a pickup workshop together a while back. The exercise was to stop 60 random women in the space of two hours and pay them a compliment not associated with sex.

    He was getting some of the most positive reactions from a myriad of gorgeous women yet for some reason when I delivered the same compliment e.g. “Excuse me that is the funkiest handbag I’ve seen all day” they looked at me like “Thanks but please don’t cut me into little bits”.

    Sincerely saying what they need

    Ven, having done some acting in his time began to teach me how to pay a compliment and make it sound sincere even when you mean none of it. Let us take the handbag example; one girl I approached had an ordinary handbag with nothing really interesting on it. I visualized her handbag as one that was bright green with feathers all over it and Read More

    06 Sep

    Being Alpha Shouldn’t Be Enough For You

    Don't take the bait


    • Acting Un-reactive In Reactive Situations
    • What Would Brad Pitt Do?
    • Brad Pitt vs. Tupac The Battle of Unreactivness
    • What Does It Take To Be Unreactive?

    It has been said over and over again in the pick-up artist community that you should be alpha. That is important, of course, but at the same time, that same sense of urgent alphaness can lower your value.

    A person,can get so caught up in being alpha that they become over-reactive to everything. Any disrespect thrown in his face becomes an immediate threat to his alphaness that must be neutralized.

    This can be seen in bullies, ghetto thugs, and beach surfer Alpha Male Of the Group that get near violent when you tool them back.

    Acting Unreactive in Reactive situations

    The bottom line is that you can be alpha, a leader and dominant, but if you’re reactive you’re still insecure as fuck, and it shows. You’ll get women, but you bet your ass they will be low quality women. What kind of woman wants a guy who can’t control himself? Think of a guy who feels his time at the top is so temporary that he must protect Read More

    28 Aug

    The Games Girls Play – How Women Test Men’s Character

    Girl Dating Games


    • Why Do Women Test You?
    • How to Remain a ‘Confident Guy’ Under Her Pressure
    • Why Giving Her What She Wants Will Make You Fail

    Why Do Women Test You?

    Yes! Shit tests are one of the main ways women test men’s frames of mind. They are the most effective, efficient and common ways to determine whether you are man enough for them. As a general rule the hotter the woman, the harder her shit tests. Better looking women will get approached more, develop higher standards and have more gall when it comes to finding the diamonds in the rough. This is their way of seeing whether you are man enough to be with them.

    Shit tests come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately they are designed to throw you off course and can be a series of abrupt questions, comments or anything to test how far they can push you. The more easily manipulated, shocked, offended or nervous you appear to be, the less value you have. The goal is to differentiate yourself from other men who have failed these before you.

    “Can’t you see we’re talking here?”

    “Do I know you?”

    “Whatever!” Read More

    28 Aug

    Inside Women’s Minds: Are You Man Enough for Her?

    how a woman thinks


    • The 5 Most Common Ways Women Test Men’s Character
    • The Number 1 Reason Women Will Test You
    • The Reality of Peoples’ Power Over You

    Women instinctively search out particular qualities in a man, you’re about to learn the basics of how women test men. They do not even know they are constantly screening men for value; it is automatic and purely instinctive when it comes to women testing men. A man’s strength of character is an attractive quality; it is about how he holds himself and retains mental control and stability in an intimidating situation. If you lack composure, are weak in character or are not much of a leader then women will not be attracted to you and you will not have power with women.

    The 5 most common ways women test men’s character:

    • Showing up to dates late

    • Expecting men to pay “all the time”

    • Having tantrums or reacting to ‘little’ things that annoy them

    • Not returning calls or text messages

    • Hinting that men have no sexual chances with them

    Women do this because in a matter of minutes they find out what kind
of guy Read More

    21 Aug

    Reducing Your Anxiety with Women – Some Easy Techniques

    Push yourself further


    • Get Adaptive: Stay in Control
    • Start Small and Build Yourself Up

    Get Adaptive: Stay in Control

    The more you expose yourself to situations that make you anxious or awkward the more you will become complacent with your fears. In your first few weeks as a student of social interactions, you will see that you will develop in the same way a stockbroker does on his first day in the stock exchange.

    I’ll use my friend Steve the stockbroker as an example. Everything was happening so quickly. He had a very faint idea as to what is going on around him and by the time he realized what happened five minutes ago twenty new events have occurred. He could not afford to freeze or freak out; sure he was nervous, but if he leaves the floor or cracks under pressure he will lose millions of dollars. He recognized that he was anxious, but knew that he had to manage his fear, and learn how to build confidence, in order to get the results he needed. After a few weeks in this high-pressure environment he was more familiar as to what the standard procedures were Read More

    16 Nov

    Interview With the Dating Coach Part 2


    Well, here’s part 2 of T’s interview with the LoveBytes crew in Utah and it’s packed with a bit of healthy debate as T bumps heads with a slightly more conservative bunch of dating commentators. This is an extra 20 minutes of speed seduction tips, tricks and techniques for both guys and girls.

     Click hee to Download: Interview With the Dating Coach – Pt 2

    Also don’t forget to sign up for our Online Dating Course for Men at http://www.seduceinseconds.com/dating-course-for-men

    04 Oct

    The Ultimate Job – Get Paid to Pick Up

    dating coach sydney ultimate job

    Help show the world that THIS is the ultimate job and watch this video!

    Seduce In Seconds is a boutique dating consultancy based in Sydney with clients worldwide. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a dating coach working with Jonathan Sankey (also known as ‘T’), who’s been one of the most successful pick up artists in the world since 2004.

    This is not your typical nine to five role! You will be working from any location at any hour researching new seduction techniques, conducting one-on-one consultations and workshops, blogging, podcasting and writing content for both print and online media. This role requires someone who has a passion for learning about human nature and who loves teaching and developing others.

    To be considered for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will need to

    • Demonstrate a “never say die” attitude.
    • Love being in front of the camera and in the public eye.
    • Have a strict appreciation for discipline.
    • Have exceptional communication skills (both written and spoken).
    • Be prepared to work weekends and nights (as many clients need required nightclub training).
    • Have a passion for practical psychology and the science of seduction.
    • Bring an unshakable sense of humor to the position.
    • Be bi/trilingual (not essential). Read More
    14 Apr

    25 minute Podcast to Help You with Basic Seduction Theory

    Jonathan Sankey w Lauren

    Have you ever wanted to ask the fastest seducer in the world some questions of your own?

    Here’s a 25 minute extended interview (Pt1) with the Love Bytes crew: Download the 25 minute segment HERE (Direct Link)

    loxxsxxsscopy 266x300 25 minute Podcast to Help You with Basic Seduction TheoryA RECENT INTERVIEW WITH “T” THE DATING COACH:

    I’ll fill you in below on things like why I’ve been M.I.A., outlooks for the future, more free stuff and a little bit about what you’re learning here and from whom you’re learning it.

    Let me first say how sorry I am for neglecting my loyal bloggers and fans. We have been flat out booked with overseas workshops and testing out what looks like the soon-to-be 5th Pillar of Seduction, so that’s why I’ve been gone. I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure that it is deserving of such a position among the other four core principles. I’ve also been coming to you. From Africa, the Middle East, North America and Asia, our goal to extend Seduce In Seconds’ ideology is spreading like wildfire. Everyone from students to judges has applied my DATING TECHNIQUES to other uses that I’ve never even conceived. It has now inspired me to actually publish my original Read More

    11 Aug

    Video: T Picks Up 2 Girls In Spain By Stealing their Handbags

    T picks up two girls and slaps ones head

    How do you pick up two women walking down the street during the day?

    Picking up in Australia is one thing and in America it’s another, but Europe and the Middle East have some of the most forthright, macho guys I’ve ever encountered.

    I have to admit I feel a little guilty about talking to these girls…

    I’ve been neglecting YOU since I’ve been on my World Tour teaching people in over 16 countries how to Seduce In Seconds using my four simple principles. In case you’re new to the site, they pervade every saucy blog post in which I practically explain how to pick up women in seconds.

    So to make it up to you and also to bitch slap the haters who think “Aussie girls are sluts, of course he can pick them up,” I’ve decided to actually prove to you how effectively these principles work. The BIGGEST haters by far are the people who can’t stand the fact that if I don’t like the look of a friend of theirs (not sexually, I just mean they look like serious obstacles), I would rather just ignore them and get in and out of there ASAP before they Read More

    12 May

    What to Say to Cold Women

    pick up artist paris

    Conversation skills with cold women – Know what to say and achieve conversation confidence

    mesoeparisthumbnail What to Say to Cold Women

    T Picking up French Ice-Queens in Paris on his 2010 World Tour

    Having trouble talking to women? T will show you the practical ways to melt even the coldest ice queens with conversation starters that will help you gain confidence when wondering what to say to women. We already know most of us don’t actually get “rejected” when we try this but we may get the occasional lame duck who refuses to cooperate in conversation. We then wonder what we can do to help remedy the situation.

    How do I pick up cold hard women?

    You have two choices:

    1) Give up. Say goodbye and move on because you know that the average woman is much easier to pick up than the one who barely says anything. Even though this isn’t a rejection, we often remember these instances AS rejections because we FEEL rejected even though we didn’t get her saying “get lost” (which never happens with this stuff).

    2) Change the way you deal with these women. Don’t play into the facade by talking to them casually and stating the things usually left unsaid. Understand Read More

    29 Apr

    Video: T Gets a Girl’s Number in One Minute at a Mall

    T picking up hot Asian girl

    Ever wondered why pick up lines will get girls to fall for you but often will not get women?

    That’s because it is never about the pick up lines; it’s about understanding what makes a woman think of you as a confident and attractive man. Pick up lines get old and that’s why I’ve put this video here for you of me picking up and Asian-Australian lady in Sydney’s Chinatown district.

    savvy2 300x164 Video: T Gets a Girls Number in One Minute at a Mall

    Savvy, a girl who I met and closed in one minute flat. Back in those days it was a new record for me. I called it “The One Minute Mile” because there was a mile of stuff I had to learn before I could get any woman’s number in one minute.

    Most guys I know do not approach Asian woman because they feel that they’re too different and that there’s a cultural divide. In reality, I think most of them deep down are conscious of being seen as racist if they were to say “they probably won’t speak English,” but sometimes I find out this is actually the case so I ask these guys why they think that. They usually are honest enough to say “most of the Read More

    27 Apr

    Are You a Night Guy or a Day guy?


    In this post I’m going to tell you why day game is easier than night game. Women are off their guard and less likely to reject you as bars often have an air of pretentiousness. In reality, that’s what this post is covering.When most people talk about “day game” they think it’s the sunlight that affects your success with women.

    Day game is as clear as day

    Someone in a comment recently said that picking up women in the daytime is “obviously” easier than at night. It’s an issue I’ve been wanting to discuss now with the public. Whether you’re picking a woman up in the day or in the night is not a very important consideration (despite contrary belief). It’s really about picking up women in nightclubs and bars versus street pickups. To simplify it even further, it’s about context and social events. At clubs people have their “game faces” on while in the street they are just “on their way” somewhere.

    Pick up before the sun goes down

    (otherwise I lose my lighting) People who see my pick up videos often attribute the speed at which I seduce women to the “day” because most of my public videos Read More

    16 Apr

    Blueprint for How to Be Popular

    school boy

    Want to be the “cool guy” at school, college or work? Hold on, here’s how…

    Whether it’s about popularity in school or later in life, you’re about to discover why you never were one of the “cool kids” at school, why you may not be one of the “cool kids” post-school and how you can change that quickly and easily. Even though most of my clients are around the ages of 24 to 60, I still receive many requests from younger guys and girls for help with picking up at school as well as popularity issues. For those of you not in school anymore, this article is still for you because I will show you how nothing has changed in people’s mentalities.

    school Blueprint for How to Be Popular A picture from the first party of the “popular kids.” I discovered what it was to be “counter-intuitive” so I wore my school uniform (but without a shirt underneath) because I knew it was the last thing anyone would ever dare to do at one of these parties (which were generally just fashion parades). It was time to whip out the “bad ass.” Notice the “cool guy” in the background just walking off. He lacked strategy and was Read More

    06 Apr

    Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar

    Comic from dating sim showing number close

    Practice picking up woman in a bar

    thumbnail Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar
    Some of you will remember my dating simulator for an old Seduce in Seconds course back in 2006. It is back by popular demand four years later.


    Dating Simulator

    I was trying to figure out the most effective ways to teach guys from home. I had the bright idea to call up two ex girlfriends and my girlfriend to come and do the voices.simpic1 Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar

    Practice number closing a brunette from Australia


    I already knew back then that this works worldwide as I was starting my first Seduction world tour back in 2006. A student approached me and offered to partner up. Let’s just say that the dating simulator didn’t look as I expected it.

    datingsimfrenchblonde Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar
    See if you can get our French blonde into the sack. She may look like a total prostitute (don’t ask why) but she’s not as easy as she looks.

    Back then we were very technique based and I did not appreciate that there was something behind those techniques that made them work. You can use this for a bit of learning and for a bit of a laugh.

    datingred Dating Simulator for Men: Picking Up Women in a Bar
    Go back to the days of indirect game and Read More
    01 Apr

    Speed and Simplicity With Women- 2,214 word guide

    Korean Girl Kisses Pick Up Artist T
    bootcamp booklet 3 banner opt Speed and Simplicity With Women  2,214 word guide

    Rick Click Save As

    Speed Follows Simplicity:

    Seven self interested reasons to keep it simple with women

    Blog Version

    nam2 Speed and Simplicity With Women  2,214 word guide

    Who says speed and simplicity is limited to white women? T’s world tour took him to Korea for dating workshops where one Korean girl couldn’t hold back.

    It’s never been easier to find a solution to a specific dating problem. A technique, a process or even an inner game course: they’re all just a few clicks away so why restrict yourself when learning how to pick up girls? You can never remember all of the techniques, tips, hints and past learning experiences. When you’re looking at a woman whose undivided attention alone is turning you on because she’s just that hot, well, you often risk having a mental blank because your nervousness short circuits your brain a little. If it’s not a mental blank, it’s mental blank’s pesky deranged brother “nervousness.” With this you will often talk too much and too quickly and are purely content reliant.

    Pickup lines and techniques

    The lines, processes and hidden camera videos on how to pick up a girl (at the gym, for instance) are easy training wheels to get you seeing results quickly in Read More

    31 Mar

    How to Approach A Girl – 4 Basic Techniques

    man with headband dancing with woman

    Learning how to approach a girl is something that has been discussed by men since the dawn of time. There are many different schools of thought on just how to approach a girl, however, I would like to focus on the non-verbal aspect of this skill as I feel most men forget that a good first impression can make your life a lot easier.

    The issue for most guys

    What men say is contradicted by how they look and how they say it. You could be saying something that is confident and attractive without appearing confident and attractive. You look hunched, your voice is wavering, your eye contact is either way too intense or totally nonexistent and you’re not dressed like most confident hip guys. In learning how to approach a girl we will try to get you around these issues.

    How men can attract women

    The best thing to do is to tape yourself. I do this with all my students who I am teaching how to approach a girl and record what they say. There are a few key things by which I judge their success and I don’t care if they succeed or not because sometimes they Read More

    31 Mar

    3 Key Tips: How to Attract A Woman

    guy picks up promo girls
    753d1 3 Key Tips: How to Attract A Woman

    T with two promotional girls at a car show. He succeed not because he beat 95 percent of his male competition who were after them but simply because the other men just asked for a photo and didn’t properly approach.

    You can learn how to attract a woman!

    Knowing how to attract a woman seems like something impossible to quantify. Most men don’t have a clue that you can learn how to attract a girl nor are they aware that it is possible to do it fast even if you’re not a spunk.

    Believe it or not there are many schools of thought on this for both men and woman on seducing partners, business associates, friends, etc. The problem is, like myself, other teachers are self-appointed gurus or academics who are convinced that their way is the best. After completing both a business and law degree and having worked in factories, law firms and merchant banks I’ve realized that every clown has an opinion. That’s why I’ve gone out and filmed (with hidden cameras) exactly how to attract a girl using a set of simple processes that have been more than just “tested by our amazing company.” I’ve filmed it. Read More

    31 Mar

    How to Approach Women (Extended)

    pick up artist with lots of women
    DSC01995 How to Approach Women (Extended)

    If picking up women is TRULY simply then you should be able to do it quickly. If you can do it quickly you can then use it over and over in a short period of time to seduce the masses.

    Learn how to approach women the right way

    If you’re after the knowledge of how to approach women then continue reading. Today I’m inviting you to come with me to a new world where women actually try to keep you talking to them and not the other way around. You’re going to learn the right and wrong ways to approach women and a few timeless principles that will help you become the king of any room. At first, approaching women seems rather difficult. Read on, however, and I will show you how to do so with ease and confidence.

    The Problem:
    You don’t want to be the guy who makes the woman feel awkward or who comes on too hard. Women are inundated with both of these kinds of guys. They hate these guys because they waste time, breed awkwardness and tension and act like everyone else. A guy like this is not special and he’s not sweeping her Read More

    31 Mar

    Avoiding Rejection when Approaching Women

    Pick up artist with young sexy girl

    How do you approach a women in a nightclub or on the street?

    IMGP2026 300x225 Avoiding Rejection when Approaching Women
    T with a girl he picked up off the street at night in four minutes and 20 seconds.

    Not learning how to approach a woman is by far the biggest thing holding you back from ball blistering success with women. In this article you will learn the basics of:

    • How to approach a woman in a club.
    • How to approach a woman on the street.

    There’s a variety of proven and tested way on how to approach a woman. Some involve asking her a question and getting her opinion on something. Others involve making a passing comment to her and hoping she bites. Finally there is the way I’ve been teaching men for over six years, that can get you her number in under a minute. I have hundreds of videos to prove it.

    The Issue
    You’re a strange man approaching an unsuspecting woman. You’re stronger than her, you’re bigger than her and you’re catching her off guard. Many girls get nervous or scared when guys approach them. It’s too intense and awkward and they want the guy to leave because a lot of the time they Read More

    31 Mar

    How to Kiss A Girl

    man kisses girl while in handcuffs
    T putting this into action in a well known Sydney bar with an exotic dancer (handcuffs included).

    Kissing – A Step By Step Guide For Men

    By the end of this article you will have a basic understanding of how to kiss a girl, get rid of your first kiss nerves and lock in a successful snog. The process of how to kiss a woman that you are about to learn has been tested over three hundred times and has been used for over five years by top dating and etiquette coaches. It’s important when learning how to kiss a woman to recognize the physical signs. You do not have to be a human genius to calculate what body language means. Often it is as simple as reminding yourself to be aware of her body signals and knowing a few key signs.

    client3 How to Kiss A Girl

    Seduce In Seconds student Peter with Sophie, a girl he picked up at Establishment bar in Sydney on one of our recent workshops.

    How do you know when to kiss her?

    The biting of the bottom lip or even the slight licking of the lip is often done subconsciously. This is great for an aspiring kisser to know Read More

    31 Mar

    How to Pick Up A Girl – The Basics

    pick up artist holding woman

     Easy steps to picking up a girl

    Girl sittings on PUA T1 How to Pick Up A Girl   The Basics

    T literally picks up a girl. In this instance he was sick of what the guy in the bottom left of this photo was doing when trying to steal his girl. T simply picked her up and walked away. Bad ass.

    Learning how to pick up a girl sounds unbelievable to some and fantasy-like to most. “You either have it or you don’t” is the old-school sentiment that still lingers in men who, mostly, have never known how to pick up a girl. Every seasoned ladies’ man knows or at least has an inkling that when it comes to picking up girls, experience will tell you what works and what doesn’t. Which, put simply, is crap and I’ll tell you why by showing you the basics of how to pick up a girl.

     The Four Pillars of Seduction

    * Playfulness

    * Counter-intuitiveness

    * Push/Pull

    * Indifference

    These are the four pillars of seduction, the unbreakable overarching principles which I have been teaching men for the past six years when they want to know how to pick up a girl. Now these won’t mean anything to you yet but what I can guarantee is Read More

    30 Mar

    How Do I Get Girls to Kiss Me?

    student learns to date Seduce In Seconds Student Peter, with Sophie - A Girl He Picked Up at Establishment bar in Sydney on one of our recent workshops.
    client3 How Do I Get Girls to Kiss Me?

    Seduce In Seconds student Peter with Sophie, a girl he picked up at Establishment bar in Sydney on one of our recent workshops.

    All men want the woman to make the first move. After copious amounts of testing on over 239 women in a variety of different contexts and countries, our team at Seduce In Seconds has cracked the art of getting a girl to kiss you.

    In this article you will learn how to get a girl to kiss you by using teasing, rewarding and playfulness. This tested method has proven to work 80 percent of the time where within 15 minutes she will be trying to kiss you.

    The Issue: Women hate making the first move

    Girls do not like to be the ones to make the first move. It makes them feel cheap, easy and worst of all it detracts from you being the Alpha male who takes proud responsibility for all initiations.

    Additionally this is based on the art of push/pull. Push her away too much and you will seem indifferent, disinterested and even arrogant; Pull her in too much and you will be perceived as suffocating and needy.

    How to tease and reward her Read More

    10 Jun

    Stop “Saying I have a Boyfriend” – Live Radio Interview on Rejections

    woman rejecting man

    Stop Saying “I Have A Boyfriend”

    Hi guys,

    Here’s a recent interview of on ABC Radio bumping heads  with some girls regarding, ‘how they reject us guys.’ Listen to me standing up for the male gender against a variety of idiots making mountains out of non-existent feminist molehills. Somehow when they reject us it appears that they STILL manage to make themselves victims. Never fear fellow readers, they get it good from your man T.

    Listen to Alecia who argues that saying, “I Have A Boyfriend” removes the agency of a woman, and takes away her ability to speak for herself and make her own decisions about whether or not she accepts advances. It doesn’t give women the power to control how they reject a man. Alecia says women should be as straight forward about their feelings as possible when they’re hit on.

    Listen to me ripping these girls a new one (verbally) here: