24 Apr

The Unseeable Reality Behind Mindsets: 5 Exercises Revealed

How to change your mindset
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  • The Simple Way To Train Your Nerves
  • Start Understanding and Using Power Words
  • Preparation Is Everything
  • Lead Your Brain The Right Way

Visualization is a powerful technique for becoming better at a task without actually having to complete it.

Our mind and body can react to simple thoughts and fantasies in much the same way as it responds to actual events. Many psychologists and biochemists believe the nervous system cannot tell the difference between real or perceived threats, you produce the same chemical reactions in your brain when you dream or visualize as you do in reality.

Fact: Two surgeons, Terry Orlick & Judy McDonald, would vividly imagine themselves cutting through fat and muscles in order to be more prepared for an upcoming operation. They would imagine certain setbacks and how they would regain composure and overcome them which overall dramatically improved their success rates when put in the real situation.

Using this powerful technique is just one of the many free dating tips we share with you. With the exercises below you can help prepare yourself for any social situation.

The Simple Way To Train Your Nerves


The more real your Read More

17 Apr

Change The Way Your Anxiety Works

Within a Hand's Reach
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  • How it all started to change
  • Sincerely saying what they need
  • The real smile

How it all started to change

Tantric sex instructor and close friend, Ven helped me get past some serious approach anxiety and sincerity issues whilst we were doing a pickup workshop together a while back. The exercise was to stop 60 random women in the space of two hours and pay them a compliment not associated with sex.

He was getting some of the most positive reactions from a myriad of gorgeous women yet for some reason when I delivered the same compliment e.g. “Excuse me that is the funkiest handbag I’ve seen all day” they looked at me like “Thanks but please don’t cut me into little bits”.

Sincerely saying what they need

Ven, having done some acting in his time began to teach me how to pay a compliment and make it sound sincere even when you mean none of it. Let us take the handbag example; one girl I approached had an ordinary handbag with nothing really interesting on it. I visualized her handbag as one that was bright green with feathers all over it and Read More

10 Apr

Being Alpha Shouldn’t Be Enough For You

Don't take the bait
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  • Acting Un-reactive In Reactive Situations
  • What Would Brad Pitt Do?
  • Brad Pitt vs. Tupac The Battle of Unreactivness
  • What Does It Take To Be Unreactive?

It has been said over and over again in the pick-up artist community that you should be alpha. That is important, of course, but at the same time, that same sense of urgent alphaness can lower your value.

A person,can get so caught up in being alpha that they become over-reactive to everything. Any disrespect thrown in his face becomes an immediate threat to his alphaness that must be neutralized.

This can be seen in bullies, ghetto thugs, and beach surfer Alpha Male Of the Group that get near violent when you tool them back.

Acting Unreactive in Reactive situations

The bottom line is that you can be alpha, a leader and dominant, but if you’re reactive you’re still insecure as fuck, and it shows. You’ll get women, but you bet your ass they will be low quality women. What kind of woman wants a guy who can’t control himself? Think of a guy who feels his time at the top is so temporary that he must protect Read More